Quality Systems Management, Quality Control Expert Consultant Resume
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  • Automotive
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  • Commercial Transportation
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  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices
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This expert has a Master of Engineering Management from the University of Utah.

This expert received a B.S. in Engineering from Purdue University.

Quality Systems Management, Quality Control Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in control system projects, titanium plant maintenance systems, water temperature and flow monitoring systems, and transportation. Further expertise includes productivity assessment, quality improvement, and energy management.

Additionally, this associate offers expertise related to MetroLink rapid transit system, concrete pouring and finishing processes development, construction project manager, and process improvement. Further expertise includes facility layout, storage and material handling equipment.

Additional experience includes automated data collection, inventory relocation, warehouse management systems, and voice receiving systems. Further background and experience includes railroad terminal process improvement and automated material handling systems.

This associate offers expertise specific to state-of-art curing ovens, ventilation equipment, medical device assembly lines, and assembly line processes. This expert also offers expertise in regards to packaging and shipping functions, workforce training, and safety issues.

Other areas of specialty include jet aircraft engines assembly, assembly line operation, US Department of Health regulations, and quality control. Further specialties include inventory control, robotic painting systems, automobile assembly, automated storage and retrieval systems.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing engineering management consulting, quality systems management consulting, quality control consulting, failure analysis, forensic engineering and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Precision Controls, Portland, OR

Control system projects included developing control system proposals for several companies including a predictive maintenance system for a titanium plant, a water temperature and flow monitoring system for two fish hatcheries and an energy management program for a metal casting facility. Scope of work included documenting the operations, evaluating the capability of the existing control systems to meet future requirements and comparing long-term costs of the alternatives.


Bombardier Transportation, Los Angeles, CA

An expansion and improvement project for a railcar maintenance facility. Scope of work was to evaluate the facility for productivity/quality improvements. Also assisted in the preparation of a competitive bid for a 10-year, approximate $100 million maintenance contract for the MetroLink rapid transit system (Southern California Regional Railroad Authority). Work included assessing the operation to identify ways to immediately improve performance and determine the capability of the existing system to meet future requirements. Recommendations included developing the criteria for an expansion plan for the facility, developing process descriptions to improve work flow, creating objective standards for defect identification and developing a defect reporting system. Client was awarded the new contract for the best-technical, low-cost proposal.


Freightliner Corporation, Memphis, TN

Project Manager for the design, construction and start-up of a 1.1 million Sq.Ft. distribution center for truck parts. Work included overseeing construction of the buildings to assure conformance with architectural and engineering specifications, contractor selection, procurement and installation of office and warehouse equipment, warehouse and office layouts, warehouse process design, initial placement of inventory into the warehouses and management of start-up operations. The finished project included approx. $50 million value in buildings and equipment and over $50 million in inventory. All phases were completed on time and within budget.


Industrial Developments International, Memphis, TN

Project Manager, Owner’s Representative for the specification and construction of a super-flat concrete floor for a 600,000 Sq.Ft. warehouse. Scope of work included preparing material and mix specifications, defining acceptable weather conditions for pouring concrete (humidity, temperature, wind, etc.), site preparation plans, prescribing quality controls, developing concrete pouring and finishing processes and oversight of contractors during construction.


Freightliner Distribution Centers, Atlanta, GA, Bridgeport, NJ, Reno, NV

Project Manager for the rewarehousing of three distribution centers, each approx. 150,000 Sq.Ft. The objective was to redesign the existing warehouses to increase storage capacity, resulting in decreased dependence on outside leased storage space, and to increase material throughput without additional material handling labor. Work included process improvement, facility layout, installation of new storage and material handling equipment, introduction of automated data collection techniques and the strategic relocation of inventory. This effort resulted in a 20% average increase in throughput and a 33% average increase in storage capacity of the facilities.


Freightliner Corporation, Portland, OR

Project Manager for the design and development of a Voice Receiving System to interface with the Warehouse Management System. This system combined voice recognition technology with radio frequency and bar code scanners to allow hands-free input of data from remote locations, streamlining the receiving process. Development of this system combined with new packaging and labeling guidelines resulted in improved data quality, elimination of paperwork, improved inventory accuracy and allowed new inventory to be immediately available for shipment.


Southern Pacific Railroad, Houston, TX

Facilitated a Process Improvement team at the Houston terminal, with a goal of accelerating the throughput of freight cars through the classification yard. A comprehensive analysis identified that locomotives were being delayed due to outdated service and maintenance practices, resulting in yard congestion and delays in train departures. Changes in locomotive maintenance practices were developed, negotiated and implemented, resulting in a significant increase in locomotive availability, reducing dwell time for freight cars through the yard by 50%.


Esterline Technologies, Bellevue, WA

Developed revisions for a painting system for aircraft parts, improving throughput by 100% without additional labor while meeting new environmental regulations. Work included process improvements, modifications of the existing paint booths, installation of an automated material handling system, state-of-art curing ovens and new ventilation equipment. Designed and implemented a high-speed, low-cost assembly line for medical devices. Scope of work included the design of specialized metal-finishing equipment, development of assembly line processes, packaging and shipping functions, workforce training and safety issues.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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