Ergonomics, Risk Assessment, and Design Expert Consultant
Resume of RYJ, Ph..D., CPE, P.E. Consultant

  • Ergonomics/Human Factors Engineering
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Industrial Engineering

This expert received a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and an M.A. in Psychology from Texas Tech University.

This expert earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Idaho.

Ergonomics, Risk Assessment, and Design Expert Consultant

This expert has worked as an independent ergonomics-human factors engineering consultant performing risk assessments of facilities, equipment and work environments for human factors and ergonomics issues/hazards and development of remediation strategies; measurement/assessment of work environments with exposures to manual materials handling tasks, noise, heat, segmental and whole body vibration and development of mitigation strategies; basic safety and health hazard evaluations; development and presentation of training in ergonomics for a variety of audiences.

This consultant has also worked as an expert witness addressing ergonomics, human factors engineering and occupational safety and health issues. This expert has been retained in over 90 cases and have represented plaintiffs and defendants in County, State and Federal courts. Additionally, this consultant has worked with clients from general industry, the transportation industry, hospitality industry, marine fisheries, cruise lines, maritime operations/longshoring as well as individuals and public organizations.

These cases have required conducting extensive interviews and investigations; make site visits and inspections; develop simulations of equipment/tools on site or as needed; use a variety of biomechanical and ergonomic models and engineering methodologies; be familiar with the ergonomic, epidemiological and medical/scientific literature on acute and cumulative trauma disorders to the upper and lower extremities as well as other occupationally related injuries and illnesses; be familiar with ergonomics and human factors issues related to work being done and how work cultures in various industries may alter many activities.
This expert has also worked full time as an ergonomic consultant for the state of Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA). While primary duties are as an ergonomic consultant, this consultant also performs safety and health consulting and works as a team member or team lead in the review and evaluation of overall company safety-health program and for Process Safety Management (PSM) elements in companies covered by the PSM standard.
As an ergonomic consultant with Oregon OSHA, this consultant works with employers and employees to develop safe and productive/profitable workplaces, jobs and work environments by using principals and practices from ergonomics-human factors, industrial engineering, quality control, economic and management science, as well as relevant OSHA, ISO, ANSI and industry codes and standards. Critical to these efforts is hazard identification and quantification using various hazard quantification methods from ergonomics-human factors and system safety; the development of reasonable and cost effective countermeasures to address hazards or management system deficiencies; provision of training to insure floor level, safety committee, supervisory, management and corporate recognition and accountability for safety, health and ergonomics practices.
This consultant also prepares and presents training classes (15-minute to four hours in length) to audiences in general industry, management, labor and professionals. Topics include basic and advanced ergonomics, ergonomics issues and recommendations for patient handling, manual materials handling, hazard identification and intervention.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc.

Provides expertise in ergonomics, risk assessment, design, technology, and expert witness services to a wide variety of clients.

Independent Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering Consultant

This expert has successfully worked with companies having as few as two employees, and as many as 2000, and has competed some 700 consultations with OSHA. Clients have come from city, state and federal governments and organizations, from general industry, construction, agriculture, fisheries, medical, high technology and aviation companies representing local, regional, national and international firms. This expert is very experienced with and comfortable working with multi-national and English deficient work forces and management personnel. Some representative activities include: In dental and medical offices and hospitals consultant has reviewed and (re)designed workstations, equipment and work methods to minimize musculoskeletal discomfort and improve work. In hospitals, clinics, nursing home and extended care facilities, consultant has worked with staff and physicians to develop less risky methods of patient handling and transfer, provided training in ergonomics and patient handling and conducted comprehensive ergonomic evaluations of all activities in the facility. In sheltered workshops, consultant has redesigned workstations and work flows and provided training to lead workers, supervisory and management personnel on ergonomics, fundamentals of safety. Working with fire departments and emergency service providers to help identify ergonomic hazards in equipment and work practices and as possible suggest or develop changes in equipment, tools, training and work practices. Designed, evaluated and recommended modifications to improve office workstations for professional, engineering/CAD workers, and for clerical, reception and secretarial personnel. Development of more efficient methods, tools, processes and procedures and identifying and reducing ergonomic risk factors?in job shops, assembly line operations and with Just-In-Time (JIT) work groups. These activities have been performed in light and heavy manufacturing, in office and clerical operations, in medical facilities, high tech operations, in warehouses, distribution centers, in service and non profit organizations. In electronics fabrication and assembly facilities consultant has designed, evaluated and improved workstations, work methods and tools to reduce the potential for cumulative trauma injuries, to improve work flows and reduce errors. In metal forming, metal fabrication, metal plating and casting and foundry industries consultant has developed/recommended improved workstations, work methods, tools to lower the potential for acute and cumulative trauma injury. These recommendations were often in parallel with safety and health recommendations. Helped to improve work flows, workstations, tools and work methods in industrial (high volume) kitchens and catering services and banquet facilities. In commercial aviation and aviation service providers, consultant has worked with carriers on reducing back and shoulder injuries resulting from manual handling of luggage and cargo in and around the aircraft and at the various terminal staging and sorting areas.

Ergonomics Consultant, Oregon OSHA, Portland, OR

Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconsin Platteville, Platteville, WI

Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

Industrial Engineer, US Bureau of Mines, Pittsburgh Research Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Electronics Engineer, Human Factors Engineering Branch, Pacific Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, CA

Sheltered Workshop Producing Wooden Pallets and Containers
Barge Fatality
Chemical Plant
Sheltered Workshop Projects Including Wire Harness Work

This expert is the author of numerous publications in relation to ergonomics, human factors in ergonomics, and industrial ergonomics.

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