Continuous Process Improvement, Material Handling Expert Consultant Resume
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This associate has a B.S. in Engineering Technology from Old Dominion University.

Continuous Process Improvement, Material Handling Expert Consultant Resume

This associate is an expert in automotive and job shop environment manufacturing, continuous process improvement (Kaizen), and TOC (Theory of Constraints) management.

Additional areas of experience include negotiating layout and developing new facilities, nurturing customer/supplier relations, and training and developing production staff.

Further experience includes developing and implementing all aspects of successful manufacturing / facility projects, new programs, business opportunities, and cost analysis. This associate has expertise in manpower planning and training, balancing capital expenditures with return on investment, managing cost to a budget, and international consulting.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in engineering technology and manufacturing management, continuous process improvement, manufacturing engineering, new product design, product/process improvement, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Manager of Manufacturing, material handling manufacturer

Expertise in manufacture of telescopic and boom type conveyors used for loading/unloading tractor trailers. Customers included USPS, Fed Ex, Payless, Amazon and other companies shipping non palletized product. Managed all aspects of manufacturing in two shift job shop environment including safety, facilities, scheduling, quality, HR, process improvements, manufacturing engineering, off site manufacturing and service. Recordable injuries were reduced by 50% in one year, productivity and first pass yield was improved 10% and field service warranty was improved 50% through implementation of process improvements, employee participation and better work flow.


Owner, product sorting, containment, rework and customer representation company

Managed automotive centered product sorting, containment, rework and customer representation company. Ford, Norfolk was the primary focus. Worked as the on site quality representation for various suppliers to Ford. Was responsible for the business start-up. Handled all marketing, account management, daily operations, accounting and customer representation. Supervised up to 45 people in inspection, sorting and rework. Worked with Ford Incoming quality and customers to find the root cause of problem, set up containment and problem resolution. Visited customer production locations to review manufacturing operations to recommend Mistake Proofing and process improvements.


Business Unit Manager, Interlake Material Handling, Lodi, CA

Was responsible for unit management for commercial storage rack manufacturer that produces standard and custom storage rack for major retail merchants. Production process utilized roll forming, stamping, welding and powder coating. Major accounts included The Home Depot, Toys "R" Us, Walmart, Home Base, Walgreens, Smart & Final, Food for Less and many more. Set up 80,000 sq. ft. Lodi CA satellite plant to increase plant capacity for metal stamping and fabrication department. Utilized TOC (Theory of Constraints) and Kaizen techniques for more efficient layout. Project justified $1.2 million investment with 1.5 year pay back. Achieved 15% increase in productivity and vertical integration of structural cantilever production line. Negotiated directly with steel mills for additional saving on raw material. Accepted temporary international assignment to build and start up a new $11.8 million manufacturing plant in Matamoros, Mexico for additional manufacturing capacity. Was one of two project managers responsible for site selection, negotiations of building and equipment contracts, equipment run-off and installation, plant start-up, hiring and training. Project completed in 11 months from ground breaking to production. On going responsibilities included Business Unit Manager of entire roll forming, welding, powder coating and shipping departments as well as Facility manager. Conducted a 10 day Kaizen event in Mainland China (Jing Liang Electronics, Shenzhen, China) to improve quality, reduce floor space and reduce WIP for 3 product assembly areas. Results included 50% decrease in floor space required, WIP reductions of 20% to 80%, decreased quality rejects within a clean room by 10% and imparted a whole new philosophy of manufacturing to 27 participants.


Manager of Manufacturing, Federal Mogul, Wagner Lighting Division, Hampton, VA

Provided management capabilities for a Tier One aero-style headlamp and tail lamp supplier to Chrysler, GM, Hyundai and Mack Truck. Was responsible for 6 production supervisors and 210 employees in injection and assembly on 3 shifts. Duties included maintaining two days of finish goods inventory, reducing WIP turns, monitoring production staffing levels to maximize units per direct labor hour, balancing temporary labor force to accommodate production fluctuations and decreasing scrap dollars per unit on 8 production lines.


Manager of Manufacturing Engineering, Federal Mogul, Wagner Lighting Division, Hampton, VA

Responsible for 8 Manufacturing and Tooling engineers, 4 Engineering Technicians and the Machine Shop. Managed capital budget of $12 million for 4 new production lines. Additional goals included reducing budgeted overhead by $500k, supporting TQM teams, reducing production scrap to 0.9%, customer defects below 20 PPM, and facilitated 8 Kaizen events. Was selected by Productivity Inc. to give a presentation at a three day training seminar on Polk-a-Yolks.


General Supervisor, Production, Federal Mogul, Wagner Lighting Division, Hampton, VA

Managed 4 production supervisors on 2 shifts who were responsible for 80 production employees. Completed Zenger-Miller "Train the Trainer" program.


Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Federal Mogul, Wagner Lighting Division, Hampton, VA

Project Manager of automated headlamp assembly line with a budget of $4.1 million and volumes of 800,000 units per year. The Dodge Dakota/Durango assembly line and headlamp design received the 1998 Automotive News PACE Award for innovation and excellence. The production line reduced scrap by 40% and increased productivity by 30% over previous manual assembly lines. Assisted in implementation of quality systems for QS 9000 Certification. Reduced quality defects to Chrysler to 3 PPM with 0 DM’s. Coordinated, instructed and was Project Leader for six Kaizen events to implement one piece demand flow, Kanban scheduling, institute management by sight methods and reduce mold set-up times.


Manufacturing Engineer II, VDO-YAZAKI, Winchester, VA

Provided technical support for new product design and introduction, current product manufacturing problem analysis and resolution, and continuous improvement programs for product/process cost reduction. Responsibilities included Saturn production line; $19.5 million in sales per year. Established requirements, researched vendors, implemented $200,000 robotic light bulb insertion cell with 14 month cost justification. Brought automatic odometer assembly machine back on line to 92% first pass efficiency and yearly cost savings of $127,000. Conceptualized and implemented semi-automatic calibration station for 17% quality improvement and 20% labor savings per year.


Mechanical Engineer, Echlin Manufacturing, Automotive Controls Division, Branford, CT

Was responsible for automation and cost reduction of new and existing product lines. Involved in concurrent design and implementation of 13 new after-market automotive products. Designed and implemented oil recovery system for $25,000 cost savings per year. Updated previous liquid spray paint both to powder coating; $150,000 cost savings per year, increased versatility and productivity, and brought coating system into EPA compliance. Directed refurbishing and move of two entire product lines to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

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