Manufacturing and Quality Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of TYB Lead Consultant

  • Chemical
  • Electronics
  • Electro-Mechanical For Military
  • Medical
  • Hi-Rel
  • Telecommunications
  • Radar
  • Aerospace
  • Satellite
  • Electroplating
  • MEMS
  • Automotive
  • Technology

This expert has a B.S. in Marketing from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.


This expert is continuing MBA studies at Boston College for his MBA, and at RPI Troy, NY in Management and in electronics.

This expert has completed courses in design and applications of RF systems and devices; six sigma; manufacturing/process improvement; quality; marketing; sales; computer; software; materials and channel management.

Manufacturing and Quality Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in international business development; electromechanical manufacturing; “greenfield” manufacturing facilities, solar technology and related infrastructure, quality systems; zero defect processes; manufacturing readiness; sourcing of technology based products and systems including IP licensing and patents.

This consultant has over 35 years of management and experience with product development, design and manufacturing in automotive based electronics, electro-mechanical for military, medical, hi-rel, and telecommunications. Further experience includes radar, aerospace, satellite, electroplating, MEMS, automotive, and technology transfer.

This consultant offers over twenty five years of increasing Management Accountability including total P&L control and responsibility, successful product and service launch, BOD experience, and reorganization of a Chapter 7 company. Other experience includes division spin-off, mapping manufacturing and process, quality improvement and public ownership.

Lead Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

As a Senior Lead Technology Consultant, the expert works with various Kevin Kennedy Associates team members on technology applications. These have included lean manufacturing, work flow enhancement in auto plants, quality, six sigma, electronic manufacturing equipment installation, line balance, field audits for ISO & PPAP studies in China, Mexico & US, on-site power plant thermocouple installs, semiconductor manufacturing for solar cells and high volume large scale assembly and test. The expert has trained companies in these locations in PPAP processes and auditing procedures, and has led three teams of client companies in performing these studies at their supplier facilities.


Military Product & Application Manager, Military Power Supplies, C&D Technology, Mansfield, MA

C&D wished to expand the penetration of its power supply offerings into the military and hi-rel commercial markets. Based on this consultant's deep contacts and connections with Raytheon, BAE, Lockheed, Boeing and many others, they were able to build this area to more than $18M in the 14 months that he was there. Profits exceeded the regular commercial market by 2x; additional growth continued after this consultant left, and they were sold to a Japanese power supply group that could not handle the military market. This business was spun off to their UK based facility.


Sales & Marketing Manager for Military Group (Consultant Basis), ESComponents, Sterling, MA

Eastern States Components desired to establish a military presence in the bare die area, but had no direct experience or knowledge of this market area. The expert was engaged to develop and train the inside sales people and reps on this market, to develop key customers. He developed supporting literature, training the staff to manage the engineering and manufacturing areas, to enhance manufacturing capability and to upgrade the personnel involved. At the conclusion of the assignment this group contributed 20% to top line sales and 40% of bottom line.


Acting Senior Marketing, Manufacturing and Product Manager, Piconics, Inc., Tyngsboro, MA

Piconics had fallen on hard times, needing a complete renewal of its business and market focus. They needed to establish a sales and marketing plan, recruit new reps, refocus technology offerings, capture medical market, capture precision passive market, recruit inside sales and establish asales dept. The expert installed significant quality processes in manufacturing, including improving manufacturing flow through a re-layout of manufacturing processes. Products included both wire-wound and ceramic inductors, transformers, and thin film circuitry.


Acting Operations Manger & VP Sales & Marketing, SatCon Electronics, Marlborough, MA

The expert helped re-established the company as a premier supplier of hybrids, thin film and assemblies to the military, commercial and telecom markets. Increased sales and revenue to more than $12M, strengthened the sales and marketing force, achieved longer-term contracts and diversified market. He brought significant technology expertise in nano-fabrication, system integration, lean manufacturing, 6 sigma, delivered three new products focused to the A380 & 787 along with derivatives of these planes. The products had to meet extreme schedules, were highly complex and critical along with the need to fit them within very small footprints (these were used to drive the fuel pumps, landing gear and braking systems on these planes). Product roll out was tightly planned and controlled, using customer and design teams to build the schedules and to make sure that we were able to meet the manufacturing demand of the schedules that were already slipping due to other items. Received significant business exceeding $20M.


Sr. Consultant, Consulting firm, Hammondsport, NY

Various consulting/contract assignments. Assignments included Acro Industries (sheet metal); Amkor Technology (semiconductor packaging house) and others. Materials, manufacturing & technology improvements, transfer to China of advanced stamping and die manufacturing, process documentation enhanced, processes tested for robustness, implementation of ISO9001: 2000 and military standards. Built manufacturing facilities in AZ and India for electronics assembly.


VP Manufacturing & Product Manger/Co-Founder, Zecal Corporation, Churchville, NY (Later became LucasVarity which was then sold to TRW)

The expert helped build a business plan, helping to manage the message and set the vision for company. He transitioned the company through four major sales and product launches. He helped recruit key team members and assisted in the overall management of the company. Created innovative products for power management in outboard motors. Worked with LucasVarity to design and implement high reliability electronics in ABS, Electronic Power Steering and sensors. Received patent for plated copper on ceramic.


Acting VP Engineering & VP Sales & Marketing/Co-Founder, AMTX, Inc., Canandaigua, NY (A spin-off from Xerox)

One of four co-Founders, the expert developed direct and indirect sales teams, coordinated the marketing message, and established a unique market niche (MEMS). In addition, he developed and managed large key accounts, establishing a sales and market presence in Asia, Europe and US/Canada. His work earned the GM Mark of Excellence. He added strength in molding fabrication, materials for plating. Spin-off from Xerox Corporation that built a green field plant having significant clean room facilities, molding fabrication for medical and automotive devices. Introduced new ink jet print head working with IBM/then Lexmark, worked on the roll out of the product, introduction to the machine and with Lexmark customers it refine the performance parameters to meet customer expectations. Developed a unique 3D nickel plated injection head that became the standard in all GM fuel injectors. Supplied parts of the Delco HVAC system for the advanced air systems and for their wiper motors.


President/Founder, Hybrilonics, Inc., Niagara Falls and Syracuse, NY

This expert was present and responsible for all levels of creating this business. He raised seed capital, established a manufacturing plant, recruited key members of the team, achieved the business's first customers, and developed and implemented a full P&L system along with MRP system. He evaluated an acquisition, completed the acquisition, and ultimately made the decision to go public for added funds. He established a green field clean room based manufacturing plant, using ground water cooling, process plating recovery, and advanced statistical techniques for process evaluation and improvement. In addition, he developed fishbone analysis and created design of experiments. Purchased MSKennedy Corporation, which did military & hi-rel products. Expanded plant and managed two locations in NY State.

Co-author of numerous papers on topics related to and including RF and power supplies. Received patent for plated copper on ceramic.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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