Wireless Business Process Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of TYW, P.E., MBA Consultant

  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Business Process Management BPM
  • Network Resource Management NRM
  • Wireless Network

This expert has an MBA in Management and Finance Concentrations, HEC, from the University of Montreal in Canada.

This expert is a P.Eng., in Electrical and Telecommunications, earned through the Polytechnic School in Montreal, Canada.

This expert is a Dipl. Engineer, in Mechanical Building Engineering, earned through the Construction Institute in Bucharest, Romania.

Wireless Business Process Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in business process consulting with wireless operators and high-tech companies.

Specialization of this expert includes project management, business process improvement and management, and business analysis to promote best practices and innovative ways to manage internal engineering and operational processes.

This consultant offers additional specialization and expertise in wireless business and engineering and operational processes including RF Access, Real Estate, and Construction. This expert also possesses a thorough understanding of processes including Switch, Transport, Supply Chain, VAS and others. This consultant offers proven ability to develop cross-organizational process solutions that eliminate costly operations and unnecessary IT tool implementations. This expert has acquired extensive experience in conducting, mapping multi-user processes from end-to-end (As-is and To-be) and implementing them with the respect to change management conditions.

This expert also has solid Six-Sigma experience using Define Measure Analyze Introduce Control (DMAIC) process methodology to ameliorate business performance by reducing operational time and costs, improve delivering quality, eliminate rework (One & Done concept) and greatly enhance communication and collaboration among teams. This consultant has expertise with Business Process Management methodology BMP for better productivity, collaboration and innovation. This consultant has Excellent experience in Network Resource Management and Asset Tracking methodologies, offering a competitive edge to any wireless operator and other businesses if well implemented and run. This expert has diversified and solid experience as a project manager and process expert with IT tool and system implementations.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in wireless business project management, business process improvement and management, business analysis, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Sr. Process Project Manager, Bell Mobility, (division of Bell Canada is a 800-1900 MHz CDMA & HSPA wireless operator with over 8 million clients) Montreal, Canada

Acted as project leader for introducing the Business Process Management BPM methodology supported by an OSS/IT system (BPM is offering visibility and control of all processes and better way to manage the operational business performance; planned project of $2M). Made business case, performed vendor selection and led field trial for the BPM system selection. Led process team of 3 for mapping in detail the new High Speed Packet Access HSPA processes. Created simplified process patterns (workflows) with metrics and gates for facilitating project management and operational activities. Implemented them in Primavera PMO tool.


Sr. Business Process Improvement Specialist, Bell Mobility, Montreal, Canada

Supported Wireless Network Engineering and Operation WNEO business process owners as Six-Sigma coach with the process improvement initiatives and helped to introduce process performance metrics. Acted as business process improvement specialist (led team of 3) for Network Resource Management (NRM) project (IT system to capture the whole Radio Access Network RAN image at physical and logical level; project over $6M; system provider Visionael, OH USA). Performed business analysis for developing the Work Order Generator module. Tested software and worked with Visionael to ameliorate the product. Was responsible for aligning RAN regional process to national, optimizing and introducing efficiency measurements. Implemented them into NRM environment. Developed the Continuous Improvement Process CIT concept for NRM and built a three-member CIT team. Provided process & system training in French-English and implementation support over 3 months. Acted as business process improvement specialist for Asset Tracking AT implementation project (IT system to capture the wireless equipment inventory by building a dynamic Asset DB based on Bar Code reading; project of 4M$; system provider Fulcrum International, MD USA). Provided process & system training in French-English and implementation support over 3 months.


Business Process Improvement Specialist, Bell Mobility, Montreal, Canada

Participated from process side to introduce Collaborative Environment platform on Microsoft SharePoint to ameliorate project collaboration (follow ups and communication) and to improve the unstructured documentation management. Built organizational charts with clear organizational responsibilities and department interactions. Worked to introduce the newly developed Business Process Management BMP concept in WNEO group. Made BPM presentations for GM and VP. Mapped many end-to-end processes such as: Build new site, Optimize site, EVDO implementation, Asset Tracking (for ameliorating the equipment provisioning and inventory), New Micro Wave hop, Add Transport capacity and others. Acted as business analyst and process project manager for Number and Point Code Tool NPCT project ($1M budget). Was involved from the first phase of the business analysis until de last phase of the system deployment and support for the new users. Produced complete business analysis and wrote the test cases. Tested software and worked closely with the development team (CGI Canada) to ameliorate the product. Optimized all SS7 processes of the switching group. Defined benefits, introduced measures and gates. Was responsible for the people change management. Provided process & system training in French-English and implementation support over 2 months, Prepared time and costs estimates for funding and completing process projects. Produces business study, which pointed out clearly the real advantages of process improvement methods, compared to software tool implementation. Collaborated closely with OSS/IT team on the process side to introduce new features to the existing systems and tools and redesigned processes accordingly.


Project Manager, Bell Mobility, Montreal, Canada

Managed numerous Switch and Transport projects such as: Wireless Location Based Services (LBS), SS7 monitoring tool – AcceSS7 of Agilent (HP division), Local Dynamic Routing (LDR) with the PSTN network, E911 implementation, IS-41/SS7 Point-to-Point connectivity with USA and Asia wireless operators, Switch HW&SW upgrades, SS7 system HW&SW upgrades and others. Continued to fulfill in parallel Switch and Network engineer responsibilities.


Switch and Network Engineer, Bell Mobility, Montreal, Canada

Monitored and optimized class 5 and SS7 networks obtaining 20% operating cost reduction. Created traffic models for planning purposes and controlling the costs by using at maximum the existing capacity. Offered L2-L3 technical support for IS41/SS7 troubleshooting. Initiated and built inventory process to keep under control HW switch expenses. Offered L3 Support for MTX teams to upgrade Nortel MTX hardware and Tekelec STP.


Topographer technician & Draughtsman, SGTH, Saint-Denis, France

Performed various topographical measurements for the SNCF railway system (mainly for compressing grounding). Measured and created architectural plans of the ancient buildings in Paris for restoration purposes.


Electrical Technician, KROPF, Düsseldorf, Germany

Created electrical plans for industrial and residential alarming systems and offered engineering support for execution.


Operational Manager, ICT, Bucharest, Romania

Managed operational teams (core team of 12) for assembling electrical and telecommunications systems within industrial and new residential buildings.

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