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  • Metallurgy
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Nanotechnology
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Marketing

M.Eng Metallurgical Engineering & Solid State Physics, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

B.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering,  Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

Energy conversion, with major focus on nuclear power plant component design, fabrication & operation; advanced fuel cells R&D; industrial gas turbines hot gas path component performance. Also, nano technology research related to metalloceramics applications.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Indianapolis, IN
Provides expertise in metallurgical engineering and failure analyses for a wide variety of clients.
Chief Technology Officer, Inframat Corporation, Willington, CT
Responsible for technical performance of 18 PhD physicists, chemical and materials researchers. Established a marketing and commercialization plan for continued development of thermally sprayed chromium oxide on femoral heads of hip prostheses, for superior wear performance and extended lifetime. Technically vetted, endorsed and negotiated a joint development program with Stryker Howmedica-Osteonics. Championed and directed a joint research and development program with the University of Connecticut, and funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, (DARPA), to utilize an air plasma sprayed liquid thereby forming an unique vertically cracked yttria stabilized zirconia thermal barrier coating. Demonstrated significantly improved thermal fatigue cycle lifetimes of this coating for high temperature gas turbine blades and vanes. Embarked on negotiations with aero engine manufacturers, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, and Rolls Royce, for continued development, technology transfer, and commercialization of this coating.
Director, Henry Souther Materials Laboratory, Axiom Laboratories, Inc; Bloomfield CT
Directed 1 chemist, 1 lab manager & 6 technicians. Conducted metallurgical exams, quality control evaluations & failure plus chemical analyses of various metal alloy systems for the aircraft, automobile industries, & metal alloy supply corporations. Reviewed, prepared some, approved & signed 450 – 600 reports / month, generating $ 55 – 65 k monthly. Declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy with Axiom‘s accountant, as Municipal Water Analyses Division expenses greatly exceeded revenues for protracted period.
Deputy Director, Power Plant Laboratories, Asea Brown Boveri, Windsor CT
Managed 2 engineers & 4 technicians. Responsible for $ 4 M annual department budget. Designed & built new metallurgical & metallographic labs, including scanning electron microscopy & digital photographic capabilities. Conducted failure analyses of fossil fired boiler & nuclear power plant components. Established Vicarious Video Taping service for nuclear power plant start-ups, to enhance planned outage maintenance efficiency, & improve safety in event of accidents. Initiated metallurgical evaluation of nickel super alloy cast blades and vanes discharged from North American industrial gas turbines. Recommended refurbishment of blades & vanes when oxidation and microstructure, (gamma prime precipitate size & distribution), were within design limits. Learned & applied appropriate metallurgical techniques & heat treatments for In- 690 & 738 alloys; established enthusiastic customer base & profitable refurbishment capability in North America, in concert with Gas Turbine Division, Asea Brown Boveri, Richmond, VA. Expertise evolved into efforts evaluating bond coats (MCrAlYs) and thermal barrier (YZrO2) coating performance, together with low pressure vacuum as well as air plasma spraying applications. Initiated development of nano chromium carbide monolithic inserts, in concert with Inframat Corporation, Willington, CT, for increased erosion & wear resistance, targeted to extend lifetimes of undersea oil / gas well choke valves, & reduce well outage time.
Director, Corporate Applied Research Laboratory, Combustion Engineering
Directed up to 38 scientists, engineers, technicians and support staff. Terminated corporate funded double intercolation lithium battery program, and embarked on developing advanced fuel cells. Negotiated $ 2 M from Combustion Engineering’s Power Generation Division; purchased sole terrestrial rights to Monolithic Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology from Argonne National Laboratories, & established joint development & commercialization effort with Garrett Airesearch Corp. Torrance CA for the MSOFC, viewed as an electrical & hot water source for homes, shopping malls, and schools. Awarded multi-million dollar DOE program for fabrication, (Garrett Airesearch), performance testing & system development, (Combustion Engineering, Inc), of MSOF stacks. Formed McPower Corporation with the Institute of Gas Technology, Chicago, ILL, to design, develop & commercialize Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells systems, for distributed power generation in urban centers, & to append to combined cycle units, for central power generation. Built and equipped a new corporate fuel cell design & testing laboratory, by refurbishing an existing Combustion Engineering building in Windsor. Prepared detailed commercial manufacturing process for fabrication of MSOFC stacks. Designed power conversion systems for MCFS. Negotiated license with Ishikawajima Heavy Industries, Tokyo, Japan, for internal steam reforming of methane fuel within a MCFS stack. Awarded a total of $ 51 M in contracts from Department of Energy, Morgantown WV, & Gas Research Institute, Chicago, ILL to develop & commercialize MCFSs. Together with McPower, initiated negotiations with Southern California Gas, Los Angles CA, & Tenneco Corporation, Dallas TX, for $ 40 M in contracts to develop MCFS stacks & systems to power remotely sited compressors for natural gas pipelines.
Director, Nuclear Systems Materials & Chemistry, Nuclear Power Division, Combustion Engineering, Inc. Windsor, CT
Directed up to 78 engineers, technicians & support staff. Continued to direct CE – KWU S/G task force. Championed generation, testing & verification of three dimensional, two phase, heat transfer flow distribution code used to design new & replacement S/Gs. Replaced In- 600 S/G tubing with In- 690, & carbon steel eggcrates with 409 ferritic stainless steel. Imposed ventilation (stamped out areas in contact with the In-690 tubing), of the 409 eggcrate to minimize corrosion product accumulation and corrosive salt concentrations, (determined experimentally to be 107 fold in heated crevices). Imposed high capacity blow down system to minimize tube sheet corrosion product accumulation; specified all stainless steel feed train materials, titanium condenser tubing with welded tube to tube sheet joints, (as opposed to rolled joint to minimize leakage), and full flow deep bed condensate polishing. Collaborated with Nuclear Services on development of S/G chemical cleaning process, and field procedures.
Sr. Development Engineer, Kreisinger Development Laboratory, Combustion Engineering, Inc. Windsor, CT
Participated in pre-operational cleaning of CE’s fossil fired central power plants. Critiqued CE’s proposed primary system chemistry specifications for its commercial nuclear power plants. Planned & managed model steam generator design, fabrication & installation in Baltimore Gas & Electric’s Gould St. power plant, Baltimore Md. to evaluate performance of CE’s steam generator carbon steel egg crate tube support design, & Inconel -600 tubing material, (destined for the Calvert Cliffs 1 & 2 nuclear power plants), in an all volatile secondary chemistry with full flow condensate polishing, as favored by BG&E.
Development Engineer, Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories of Atomic Energy of Canada
Designed, conducted, analyzed in-reactor corrosion experiments on zirconium alloys; identified oxidizing coolant conditions, (reduced deuterium overpressure), with fast neutron damage promoted premature post transition kinetics & accelerated corrosion; planned, designed & directed fabrication & installation of six model steam generators in Ontario Hydro Electric’s Nuclear Power Demonstration reactor, Rolphton ON, to evaluate performance of Inconel – 600, Monel – 400, Colmonoy 26-1, & plain carbon steel nuclear steam generator tubing.
Conducted detailed metallographic examination of radioactive end cap trepanned from instrument thimble in aluminum alloy calandria vessel of NRU test reactor; moisture + air in-leakage + neutron flux in the “J” rod annulus of the reactor generated nitric acid, which caused pitting attack of the end cap, (and calandria vessel itself). Based on exposure history, predicted remaining life of calandria. Generated an internal report on observations & conclusions.
General List Officer with permanent commission, Sub Lt, (Lt JG), Royal Canadian Navy
Drove destroyer as bridge watch keeping office; communications officer; confidential books officer; radar navigator; assistant engineering officer. Actively engaged in Cuban Missile crisis.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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