Battery Manufacturing and Quality Systems Expert Consultant Resumes
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Battery Manufacturing and Quality Systems Expert Consultant Resumes

This expert has experience in battery distribution quality management, and manufacturing supervision. Further experience includes process engineering, quality management, engineering management, and project management.

This consultant's battery-manufacturing career began in Process Engineering Machine Design Section as a machine designer, designing battery tooling and equipment.

This consultant has provided a broad variety of consulting services to international clients in Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Philippines, Brazil, South Africa, China, and the UK. These services have ranged from full business assessments to training of Operations' personnel in the implementation of quality and manufacturing systems to the development of lead acid battery designs.

This consultant has also provided advisory services in the automotive component after-market business. Additionally, this consultant has written and supervised test protocols for a fuel additive in the locomotive industry, and has provided primary consulting of the design, equipment sourcing, staffing, and training for the installation of three battery distribution centers for AC Delco in the US.

This expert has extensive international experience and strong background in mechanical and electrical engineering, and machine design.

Specific expertise includes strong background in lead acid battery expanded grid technology, battery manufacturing processes and battery product technology, and in the implementation of quality systems including APQP. Additional areas of experience include Lean Manufacturing, Delphi Manufacturing System, Statistical Process Control, Participative Management, and considerable experience consulting at various battery and automotive component manufacturing plants.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in battery manufacturing and quality systems, process engineering management, process engineering, quality management, engineering management, project management, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Global Battery Distribution Quality Manager, Delphi

Was responsible for establishing and implementing quality systems associated with the growing Delphi aftermarket business worldwide, and having quality management reporting responsibility for the Sarreguemines, France battery plant; Delphi's largest as well as global aftermarket distributors for Delphi batteries. This consultant initiated Operator Worksheet implementation at point of shipment in manufacturing plants as well as within the Distribution Centers. Additionally, this consultant provided consulting services for implementing a Protect the Customer Process at the Delphi Villeron Manufacturing Facility in France, Delphi E & C's largest sales revenue plant.


Staff Engineer, Battery Engineering and Operations Staffs

This consultant was responsible for a position that was empowered to cross functional organizational lines between divisional battery engineering and manufacturing operations to drive quality improvements. This consultant acted as advisor and consultant to the Chief Engineer for Delphi Batteries and the Director of Operations for Delphi North American Battery Operations. Additionally, this consultant managed special projects to: 1. Investigate and coordinate project to introduce a new low cost line into the China market from the Shanghai battery plant. 2. Manage a project to install automatic battery terminal protective coating equipment for North American Honda batteries manufactured at the Fitzgerald, GA Delphi battery plant. 3. Coordinate pivotal support on site for customer needs after a fire destroyed half of the Delphi joint venture battery plant in Korea. Achieved a reduction in battery warranty and IPTV reduction by driving major quality improvement projects.


Consultant, Shanghai Battery Plant Project

This consultant provided a variety of consulting services to the new Delphi joint venture battery plant start up project in Shanghai, China. The services included advising on Engineering Organization re-structuring, implementation of a quality surveillance system. Provided Product Engineering interface with new customers in Japan, product design modifications, and coordinated new customer launch into Japanese aftermarket.


Director of Operations, Middle East Battery Company, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

This consultant was responsible for overall program management of new Delphi joint venture battery plant in Saudi Arabia. The Operations function of the project included manufacturing, purchasing, production control, engineering, and project management. Planned and coordinated plant construction, planned and implemented plant staffing, planned and coordinated operations personnel training. Interfaced with Saudi Government officials for permits, technical licenses, financing, and utility acquisition. Planned and implemented the plant manufacturing plan. The project was completed on schedule and $1.2 million under budget, and was profitable in the first year of production.


Program Manager, Battery Plant Project for Delco Remy in Saudi Arabia

This consultant was responsible for project planning, project budget planning, manufacturing planning, equipment selection, facility planning, and site selection in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, provided key contact role for potential Saudi partners during joint venture negotiation phase.


Quality Assurance Superintendent, Delco Remy battery plant in Olathe, KS

This consultant was responsible for Quality Assurance and Manufacturing Engineering at the Olathe battery plant. Additionally, this consultant served as acting Plant Manager for 3 months during illness of the Plant Manager. Installed plant quality procedure process, wrote software and trained plant personnel to establish a plant quality information database. Achieved plant Certified Supplier status for Navistar, PACCAR, and gained certified part status for all original equipment batteries supplied to General Motors.


Engineering Manager & Quality Assurance Superintendent, Delco Remy battery plant in Sarreguemines, France

This consultant was responsible for Quality Assurance, Manufacturing & Environmental Engineering, & Maintenance. Additionally, this consultant frequently served as acting Plant Manager during Plant Manager's absence. We installed four new product lines to expand the plant's market in Europe. Planned and implemented "pay for knowledge" program and evaluation grid for Maintenance personnel. Jointly developed and implemented with the Manufacturing Manager a new "pay for performance" program that reduced plant scrap and improved plant quality. Was instrumental in the achievement of Opel (General Motors Europe) Supplier of the Year for three consecutive years.


Resident Process Engineer & Shift Supervisor, Delco Remy battery plant in Fitzgerald, GA

This consultant was a member of the original start-up team for the first Maintenance-Free battery plant in the world, and was responsible for plant processes and process equipment as well as plant operations on 2nd shift. Engineering responsibilities included troubleshooting process equipment, equipment design modifications, and equipment control logic re-design and modification. Pioneered usage of fiber optic technology to control and check electrolyte level in batteries.


Special Machine Builder and Machine Designer, Delco Remy Headquarters in Anderson, IN

Built and installed various process equipment in Delco Remy manufacturing plants. Worked in the Process Engineering special machine design section as a machine and tooling designer. This consultant designed battery heat seal tooling for the new battery plant under construction in Fitzgerald, GA. Also designed a tube mill type of process to wrap insulation onto generator field commutator wire.

A Case Study in the Determination of Steady State for Locomotive Diesel Engines
Development of Liquid Level Sensing with Fiber-Optic Technology
Brake Master Cylinder Failures

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