Metallurgist, Heat Treatment, Brazing, Coating, Casting, Stamping Expert Consultant Resume
Metallurgist, Heat Treatment, Brazing, Coating, Casting, Stamping Expert Consultant Resume

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Semiconductor

This expert has a M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering of Materials, received from the University of Birmingham, at Edgbaston, Birmingham England.

This expert has a B.S. in Materials Engineering, received from the Colorado State University in Pueblo, CO.

This expert has an AUTO CAD certification, received from The University of Arkansas.

Metallurgist, Heat Treatment, Brazing, Coating, Casting, Stamping Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has experience in industrial engineering including advanced materials processing and manufacturing related to surface coating, welding and plating. This expert also has knowledge in the brazing of super alloys, titanium, aluminum and their alloys. Knowledge in brazing of gold, nickel/alloys, and incornel is in this expert's background. This expert's work experience includes super conductors and alloys, semi-conductors, as well as solid solution heat treating and conditioning.

Additional areas of specialty for this expert include castings, forming, stamping and metal to glass fusion. Metal to insulator ceramic joining, sintering of metal polymer materials composites and other different thermal processing techniques such as vacuum diffusion processing are other areas of this consultant's expertise. This expert has additional experience related to chemical vapor deposition (CVD), PVD, sputtering, ion implantation and metallization processing.

This consultant has demonstrated interest and expertise in the synthesis, interstices, band-gab, and electronic work functions. Interfacial reactions, structure-property relationships of functional materials, multilayer systems, electronic and electromagnetic field effects on materials processing are other areas of this consultant's expertise.

Additionally, this consultant offers expertise in metallization, polymer-metal composites fabrication, ceramics, glass-metal fusion and metal to insulator joining processes. These processes use thermal, barrel and electro-plating, and electro-coating by CVD, and sputtering processing techniques.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in metallurgical engineering, materials engineering, metallurgy of materials, plating, welding, solution heat treatment, thermo-cycling, precipitation hardening and conditioning, brazing, coating, casting, stamping, casting, vacuum sintering, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Aerospace Engineer Group Leader, NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Served as lead in areas of surface engineering of materials. Responsibilities required leading and managing daily plating tasks, environmental and product quality compliance, etc. Reviewed and approved time cards, schedules, task definition, and setting of priorities. Surface finishing included passivation, chemical etching of conducting, superconducting, semi-conducting, and insulating substrates, iriditing, anodization, electro-polishing, black nickel and black dye, anodize sealing, and electro-less / electro-deposition of gold, Ni, silver, Cu on aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel substrates. Performed other leadership functions as required. Was honored for resolving condensation problem formed in the plating shop. Reviewed and suggested better method of measuring coating thicknesses of gold multilayer films on substrates, measuring of water quality and equipment repairers. Redesigned and improved the de-ionized water chemistry systems for surface finishing and rinsing of critical flight components used for NASA flight missions. Successfully electro-deposited coherent, bright and smooth gold films on aluminum and stainless steel substrates with or without the use of cyanide process. Reviewed SBIR proposal on behalf of the Materials Engineering Branch of code 541, for Government approval. Also was selected by the Power Systems Branch of code 563 to provide technical consulting and reviewing the battery fuel cell's viability for the impending space flight and countless missions including in orbit satellites.


President, General Product Development Manager, High Performance Protective Coating Processes Design and Development Firm

Oversaw company operations providing consulting materials engineering in service to Automotive, Aerospace and Electronic Manufacturing companies in the U.S.A.


Lead Process Specialist Metallurgical Engineer, GE-Unison Industries Inc, Norwich, NY

Worked in a highly cross-functional environment with engineering, manufacturing, sourcing, product management and supply leaders to influence design configurations with exceptional quality. Was responsible for producibility/ process capability and feasibility, manufacturing process development, tool design, integrated schedules, design cost, sourcing technical support, quality qualifications, test support, product cost out, introduction to supply chain and quality compliance. Provided technical leadership for manufacturing processes such as heat treating, metallization, glass metal fusion, plating, metal coatings, purchases, installation and qualification of manufacturing equipments, super alloy coating, solution heat treatment, conditioning and precipitation hardening, composite and insulation materials firing and joining, machining to tolerances, inspection and testing (fluorescent penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection and radiographic inspection. The facilities were NADCAP accredited. Performed brazing, materials selection, tool and fixture design, and consulted in welding matters. Led in product specification reviews, and product repairs per the AMS-2404C, 2433B. Provided leadership in product development, PPAP and supported the Six Sigma (Kaizen, SPC, gage R7R, fish bone and FMLA, etc.) program in manufacturing and monitor processes to ensure compliance. Conducted internal auditing, including third-party auditing activities. Facilitated continual improvement, supported 6 Sigma and Lean Manufacturing initiatives. Worked with a variety of engineering disciplines (ceramics/polymer/semiconductor etc.), and contributed to industrial standard testing, inspection procedures and record retention. Designed fixtures and developed a novel process for successful brazing/ heat treating, etc.


Advanced Specialist Process Engineer, Denso Automotive Components Manufacturing Company, Knoxville, TN

Was responsible for product quality manufacturing for this supplier of automotive components including pistons, alternators, starters, rectifier’s fins, rotor shaft, stator, magnetic switches, starter yoke and armatures, break pads, clutches and commutator devices, etc. Supervised in the company's metal manufacturing operations in the areas of metal casting, stamping, forming, plating, coating, welding, quality inspection/ testing and coating in accordance with TT- C-490D, MIL- T-10727C and ISO/TS16949 and resolved manufacturing discrepancies, equipment designs, etc. Designed the automatic plating line that saved the company over $100,000/ year. Reduced the heat treatment scraps and cycle time, improved the overall coating time, product quality leading to increase product throughput, managed and classified different strategic metals and determined the appropriate processing atmospheric conditions. Consolidated purchases with outside vendors and led in product failure mode and effect analysis (PFMEA), statistical quality controls (SPC), and replacement of PLC/Controls.


Metallurgical Engineer, Colson Caster Corporation, Jonesboro, AR

Responsibilities included stamping, metal forming, welding, plating, heat treating by carburizing and nitriding of metal assemblies. Championed DOE and led ongoing projects and led in surface coating repairs. Led in the furnace solid heat treating operations, and in the Quality Assurance practices (application of QCPC, SPC, PPA, 5S, Mistake proofing, set up reductions and other statistic tools). Adhered to reliability, supportability and cost (RSC) Standard Operating procedures in product manufacturing. Followed and enforced Standard of Operation (SOP) Program. Successfully reduced waste in the Plating, Heat Treating processing cycle time from 5 hours per cycle time to about 2 hours, leading to product improvement and cost saving. Identified and repaired the won out capital equipment infrastructures (Part Washer) with the help of the Maintenance Department and saved the company over about $95,000. Increased product throughputs in plating, heat treating, chemical uses that led to product improvements, scrap reduction and reduction in chemical purchases and rate of consumption application. These improvements were significant and saved the Company over $10000000/year and was recognized as an Engineer of the year by the CEO of the Mammon Group of Companies in North America, China, Mexico, Canada and Europe.

Consultant, Alcoa Aluminum of America, Alcoa, TN

Performed contract work in support of the melt shop in aluminum casting including smelting, rolling, and metal forming.

Senior Consulting Coating Engineer, General- Dynamics Ordinance & Tactical Systems, Garland, TX

Coating Consulting Chemical Engineer, Teledyne Continental Motors Inc., Mobile, AL

Coated the military and civilian aircraft components as per DOD-P-16232-F.

Instructor and Curriculum Developer, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, CO

Taught courses in Electrical, Electronic Materials, Chemistry of Metallurgy for Integrated Circuit Fabrication, related to (a) thin film processing from vacuum on silicon wafers, (b) diffusion processes, (c) ion implantation, (d) chemical vapor deposition, and (e) plasma etching processing techniques

Welding Engineer, Lockwood Corporation at Gering, NE

Designed fixtures, trained operators on welding of metals, test and determine welding defect and performed welding repairs in accordance to AWSD.1.1. Set welding parameters, wrote process schedules and lead in the heat treating operations and welding repairs, NDT inspection for quality conformity a well as prepared associates to obtain the welding certification. Coordinated projects, mentored and trained associates in compliance with the OSHA (29 CFR 1910.119) and EPA (40 CFR 68) regulatory responsibilities.

Instructor and Curriculum Developer for Semiconductor Manufacturing, Pikes Peak Community College, at Colorado Springs, CO

Developed/taught courses related to Integrated Circuit Fabrication:

(a) thin film processing on silicon wafers, (b) diffusion processes, (c) ion implantation, (d) chemical vapor deposition, (e) plasma etching and characterization of films.

Plant Metallurgical Engineer, National Forge Company (The Advanced Materials Group), Colorado, CO

Served as lead in the fabrication, compaction and sintering of powder-metal (Titanium/Aluminum, platinum and their alloys) for the Military and Aerospace uses.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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