Die Casting Expert Consultant Resume
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This expert has a MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management.

This expert has a M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

This expert has a Certificate in ISO 9000 Internal Auditor Training.

Die Casting Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has extensive knowledge in copper foundry operation, production planning and control, process improvements and scrap reduction. Other areas of expertise this consultant has include alloy development and application, technical support, process development, and permanent mold and low pressure die casting. This consultant also has experience in trouble shooting, problem solving, mold gating, die design, and market research. Furthermore, this consultant has experience in process evaluation, start up, casting process improvement, and new product development. ISO 9002 quality system, no-lead alloy for corrosion resistance, DOE techniques, and spectroscopic analysis are other areas this consultant has expertise in. Additionally, this consultant's background includes calibration, setup, and foundry metallography and testing. This expert is also experienced in international quality assurance and business coordination, quality control, and automated (IMR) permanent mold casting. This expert also has interests in metallurgical laboratory, alloy melting procedures, copper, and nickel and iron based alloy production. Other interests of this expert include semi continuous billet casting operation, production efficiency, safety, and melting area layout. This consultant is also knowledgeable in quality standards, material and in process part inspection, permanent mold copper base alloys in ASTM and ISO test bar molds

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing metallurgical consulting, die casting consulting, research and development management, quality control, failure analysis, forensic engineering and related expertise to a wide variety of clients


Die Casting And Metallurgical Consultant

Process development, permanent mold and low pressure die casting, trouble shooting and problem solving, mold gating and die design. Marketing and market research, process evaluation and start up.


Manager of R&D and Quality Assurance, Aurora Industries. Inc.

Technical and engineering support to manufacturing and sales. Casting process improvements for efficiency and control of process variables. Developed new product and processes. Successfully implemented ISO 9002 quality system with certification. Researched and developed a special no-lead alloy for corrosion resistance application. Scrap reduction and problem solving through statistical and DOE techniques.


Chief Metallurgist, Aurora Industries. Inc.

Established melting and casting practices for high conductivity copper permanent mold castings. Helped train casters on automated (IMR) permanent mold casting machine. Developed metallurgical laboratory and established alloy melting procedures. Cost reduction efforts saved an estimate $150,000 in first year of implementation and approximately $225,000 annually there after.


Metallurgist, Production Supervisor, Specialloy, Inc.

Supervised copper, nickel and iron based alloy production and semi continuous billet casting operation. Reduced production scrap through process control. Improved production efficiency as well as safety through melting area layout modification. Trained shift metallurgists, foremen and operators.


Quality Control, Amco Corporation

Set up quality standards and procedures for final and stage inspections. Incoming material and in process part inspection. Prepared daily quality control reports.

Permanent Mold Cast Copper Alloys Provide Opportunities for Conversion Success

This expert has numerous publications on topics related to the mechanical properties of permanent mold copper base alloys in ASTM and ISO testbar molds, and more.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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