Automobile Industry Paint, Moldings Expert Consultant Resume
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This associate has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineer / Plastics from Ferris State.

Automobile Industry Paint, Moldings Expert Consultant Resume

This associate is experienced with manufacturing industry project management, development engineering, program management, and dry paint suppliers. Further expertise includes quality control and material handling, design, prototype and production tool build, and machine build. Additionally, this associate has experience with secondary equipment and injection molding and thermoform.

This associate offers specific expertise relative to solid and metallic mold in color, dry paint process development, body side molding, and front and rear fascias. Further expertise includes vacform process sheet stock, dry paint high gloss color match body side moldings, extruder line set-up, and thermoformers. This consultant is also experienced with dies, tooling, and materials. Additional expertise includes robot trim in place for form in color, exterior body sides and fascias, and injection molds.

Additional experience and specialization includes vacform tools, match metal trim dies, secondary equipment, and research and development. Further experience includes tool and sample tryouts, Taguchi Studies, molding and tooling evaluation, and team-oriented leadership. This associate also has specialization with communication and effective customer interaction, project development, direction and leadership from conception to production, and timeline set-up and tool design follow-up. Further expertise includes tool build in prototype and production, mold tryouts, and team meetings. This consultant has also worked with design CAD project engineers and tool build and material source.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing project management, mechanical engineering, plastics expertise, automotive industry paint and moldings consulting and related expertise to a variety of clients.


Consultant, Development Engineer and Program Manager, Dry Paint Suppliers

GM, DCX, Ford, Guardian Automotive, Sport Rack, Mayco Plastics, Active in Design, Tool Build (Prototype & Production) Machine Build, Secondary Equipment, Training of personnel. Dupont, G.E., A. Schulman, Dorrie, Avery, Kurtz Hastings, Rexam Mold in Color (eliminate Flow Lines)


Program Manager and Consultant to dry paint suppliers with on-going program

Injection Molding and Thermoform, Mold in color - solid & metallic Chrysler Neon PL 2000 Program - 2002 & 2003 form in color Developed dry paint process for body side molding, front and rear fascias. Developed vacform process sheet stock, dry paint high gloss color match body side moldings. Set-up extruder line, thermoformers, dies, tooling, materials, robot trim in place for form in color.


Program Manager / Project Engineer, Research & Development, LDM Technologies, Auburn Hills, MI

GM Olds Bravada Body side molding fascias (wet paint) 16 tools, check fixtures & secondary equipment. GM 325 S-10/GM Sonoma, GMC 330 Jimmy 4 Door exterior body sides and fascias, 42 injection molds, 8 vacform tools, match metal trim dies and all secondary equipment. Chrysler Neon PL front fascia Dry Paint Research & Development Program.


Process Technician, Lapeer Fabrication, Inc. (Division of Voplex Corp.)

Tool and sample tryouts, Taguchi Studies, molding and tooling evaluation problems, instructing and training molding personnel

R & D Neon Product and Process Development

GM 330 / GMC 325 Body Side and Fascia Dry Paint Program

GM 330 Sport Fascia / two-tone dry paint / developed single sub-gate system for wet and dry paint for front and rear fascia and body side moldings

Developed vacform process and trim for deep draw, reverse draft. Pass parting lines in sheet, 125 up to 250

Ford Explorer Front Fascia in dry paint (prototype)

Chrysler Neon FL - front fascia (Textron)

Chrysler Neon PL - rear fascia (Magna Decoma)

Vacform process - chrome inserts for exterior trim

Chrysler Neon PL - front and rear fascia - mold in color, solid and metallic

Chrysler/Mayco - extruder line - pilot facilities - thermoform for thin and thick sheet stock - robot trim in place

Guardian - form in color, thermoform / injection mold

Sport Rack - developed and built test tooling for thermoform

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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