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M.S. in Welding Engineering from Cranfield University in England.

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Mander College in Bedford, England.

This expert specializes in welding engineering and metallurgy including ASME/AWS Code procedure and welder qualification, failure analysis, weld inspection and weld repair, materials related support including flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) and other materials and corrosion related issues.

This associate developed and wrote a welder and weld supervisor training program, preventative maintenance and inspection instructions for high voltage electricity power distribution components including circuit switchers, circuit breakers and ground switches. Specialization includes examination and evaluation of failed components in nuclear power plants and other industries. Including Nuclear Steam Generator (SG) tube corrosion and failure and conditions leading to primary water stress corrosion cracking (PWSCC), related materials review and selection and weld repair procedure development.

Additional areas of specialty include power plant steam systems and plant model development, software testing and user training, coordination of the flow accelerated corrosion programs, and understanding of damage/failure mechanisms. Other specialties include inspection/monitoring techniques, remedial procedures, cost benefit analysis, steam generator (SG) tube corrosion and general materials engineering support.

Quality management experience has included inspection, QA, quality systems, quality improvement, chemical analysis, and customer service. Additional areas of related expertise include materials selection, heat treatment, welding, and other fabricating processes used in the fabrication of major and auxiliary components of Nuclear Steam Supply Systems (NSSSs) and other industries.

As an engine fitter/mechanic, this consultant gained experience in building and testing diesel engines, steam turbines, and pumps from the ground up. Diesel engines were up to 2000 HP, turbines up to about 1000 HP; they were typically either used for marine auxiliary power (sometimes propulsion on small vessels such as tug boats), or land based, in pumping stations or sewage treatment facilities. In addition to assembly, work included operation, testing, development, and rebuilding. Work was mostly hands-on, but included some detail drawing and laboratory work.

Lead Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in welding engineering, materials engineering, nuclear power steam corrosion engineering, specialty metal products quality assurance management, failure analysis, forensic investigation and analysis, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Quality and Materials Specialist , major N. American energy company

Provided on site QA/QC Oversight and materials expertise during the flame spraying (metalizing) of a high alloy (Hasteloy) metal coating on a large (12 foot diameter) industrial carbon steel fan. Metal coating was added to specific areas of the fan impeller blades to improve corrosion resistance.


Supervisor of the Materials and Inspection Group – (Reported to the Engineering Director), Dominion Power Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant, Kewaunee, WI

Supervised a group of engineers and technical specialist responsible for Welding Engineering, Inspection, Nondestructive Examination (NDE), Paints and Coatings, Failure Analysis, Heat Exchanger tube cleaning and inspection, Boric Acid Corrosion Monitoring Program, ASME Section XI Inservice Inspection Program, and all onsite materials review and support.


Welding Engineer, nuclear plant

Updated existing, out-of-date Northeast Utilities. Developed a Weld Supervisor Training Program. Updated to current code requirement and the Dominion Power Welding Program.

Welding Engineer, Dominion Power, Millstone Nuclear Plant, Waterford, CT

Provided refueling outage support to the resident welding engineer. In addition, the expert followed ongoing welding projects, assessing and documenting newly identified materials damage, requiring possible weld repair.


Welding Engineer, Scientech NES Products, New Milford, CT

The expert provided on-site welding engineering support, during the installation of nuclear power steam generator nozzle dam retention ring segments in Angra Unit 2, Brazil. Job included weld procedure review and approval, as well as mockup training at the welding vendor in the US prior to traveling to the site.


Technical Writer, Consolidated Edison (NY)

Developed and wrote preventative maintenance and inspection instructions for high voltage electricity power distribution components, including circuit switchers, circuit breakers and ground switches. Set up prototype corporate safety web site. Project required the use of basis internet, web page editing, and a familiarity of corporate documents, including the ability to link to these documents via the corporate intranet.


Materials Engineer, Consolidated Edison Indian Point 2, NY

Performed Updated Final Safety Analysis Report (UFSAR)/Design Basis Document (DBD)/Technical Specification reconciliation using the IP2 CR process and prepared ICAs to update the DBDs for a variety of technical, materials, welding and corrosion issues. Provided on-site materials and engineering support to Indian Point 2 during the Steam Generator (SG) leaker outage. Work included evaluation of the failed SG tube and conditions leading to the development of Primary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking (PWSCC) in the low row U bends, as well as supervising materials and welding support during the SG replacement. Also reviewed industry CRDM nozzle PWSCC cracking experience and the possible implications to IP2 Vessel Head penetrations. Assisted in the development of a revised IP2 Welding Manual. Provided support to Indian Point 2 to evaluate wall thinning due to FAC found in the cross-under pipe and provided weld repair procedures to permit the plant to continue operating until the next scheduled outage. Provided support in the development and preparation the SG Program Manuals for Indian Point. Wrote several revision to the IP2 SG Program Manual to address NRC issues and maintain consistency with Nuclear Energy Institute industry commitment NEI 97-06.


Engineering Contractor, Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA

Provided support to EPRI during the development of ChemWorks, a Pressurized Water Reactor secondary system chemistry modeling and analysis computer software tool. Project required an understanding power plant steam systems and included plant model development, software testing and user training.


Consulting Engineer Materials and Chemistry Group, Northeast Utilities, CT

Responsibilities include coordination of the Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) Program for four operational nuclear power plants, rewriting and updating the utility’s FAC Program Manual, utilizing the industry-developed computer code, Checworks, to the establish an effective steam cycle water chemistry that utilized various amines to minimize FAC various carbon steel piping and components throughout the steam cycle. Developed and wrote a corporate Steam Generator Program Manual to ensure that the power plant’s nuclear steam generators were operated and maintained in accordance with the nuclear industry initiative and the Nuclear Energy Institute, NEI 97-06, “Steam Generator Program." Prepared and wrote corporate Plant Component and Systems Layup Program Manual, designed to ensure that all power plant systems and components are maintained in the best possible condition to ensure the minimum of corrosion or other degradation during periods when the plant was shut down. Wrote the corporate Paints and Coating Program Manual to ensure that all surfaces within the nuclear plant that required a paint or coatings are coated in a manner that satisfied a variety of industry codes and standards. The manual included surface preparation, application personnel training and qualification, product application and QA/QC requirements.


Senior Engineer, Nuclear Power Group, Northeast Utilities

Responsibilities included Steam Generator (SG) Tube Corrosion and general materials engineering support to Northeast Utilities 4 operating nuclear plants. Responsibilities involved setting up, and overseeing sub vendor contracts to remove sample sections of degraded tubing for laboratory failure analysis to determine the cause(s) of corrosion degradation. Results and finding were presented at industry supported Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) SG corrosion workshops. Also provided metallurgical support during the development of a bimetallic Inconel 600/690 sleeve to be used to repair locally degraded SG tubes.


Quality Manager, Pfizer Corporation Specialty Metal Products, Wallingford, CT

Was responsible for total plant quality program, including inspection, QA, quality systems, quality improvement, chemical analysis, and customer service. Initiated quality circles program, and was responsible for quality circles representing all manufacturing functions. Developed a system for measuring and reporting out-of-specification product at all stages of manufacture that provided plant wide data as well as cost data. This data together with customer return cost was used to report monthly quality cost reports. Developed quality reporting system that emphasized dollars lost from mistakes at any operation, rather than the typical measure, pounds of material rejected. As part of the Quality Improvement Program, provided periodic classroom presentations on a plant-wide basis to all levels of management, staff and hour employees on all 3 shifts.


Supervisor, Materials Evaluation, Nuclear Laboratories, Combustion Engineering, Windsor, CT

Responsible for materials selection, heat treatment, welding, and other fabricating processes used in the fabrication of major and auxiliary component of Nuclear Steam Supply Systems (NSSSs). This work included drawing review and an understanding of the mechanical/performance requirements of various components as well as familiarity of ASME, Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes, ASTM, NRC Regulatory Guides, Military and Federal Specifications. Also responsible for technically supervising and contorting a major R&D Program aimed at evaluating the mechanical and corrosion properties of new and existing materials for NSSSs. Provided technical evaluation of in service failures, as well as support to Quality Assurance and Engineering. Provided oversight and development support for paints and coatings applied to major component. Also participated in inter-department QA audits.

Effect of Normalizing High Frequency Resistance-Welded Line Pipe

Numerous publications related to welded line pipe, corrosion, piping degradation, flow-accelerated corrosion inspection, piping failure analysis, and more.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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