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Resume of KRV

  • Micro / Nano / Bio Technology
  • Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Electronics
  • Micromanufacturing

BS, Pennsylvania State University, Ceramic Science
MS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Materials Science
Ph. D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Materials Engineering

Over 40 years experience in academia and industry with management roles in research, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. This expert’s work has emphasized process development, commercialization, business development, and venture funding of micro/nano/biosystems-based products and businesses. These years have included roles as Executive Chairman of Oxford Biosensors, VP of Business Development at Kionix, VP of Technology and Business Development and Chief Technical Officer for DT Industries, Executive VP and General Manager for AMTX, General Manager of Advanced Microtechnology for Xerox, and Engineering Manager at RCA Sarnoff Research Center and Consumer Electronics Divisions. In the leadership role with AMTX, this consultant implemented the vision to capitalize on the micro- and nanofabrication philosophy of building small precise parts and assemblies to commercialize micro/nano/biosystems.



Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc.
Providing expertise n micro/nan/biosystems based products and businesses to a wide variety of clients.

President, a major consulting firm – Fairport, NY
Microtechnology and nanotechnology consulting for over one hundred companies in the medical, biotechnology, telecommunications, automotive and business equipment industries. Providing business and commercialization strategy from concept through production utilizing micro- and nanotechnologies and micro- and nanomanufacturing processes to miniaturize, integrate, and assemble products. Providing advisory support to senior management in industry, universities, and governments on the development of micro/nano/biotechnology commercialization strategy. Provide analysis and due diligence for new business development, reorganizations, mergers, and acquisitions.

Advisor, Business Development – USA, MiniFAB – Melbourne, Australia
Provide strategic direction and planning for facilities, equipment and business models. Develop commercialization strategies for clients, as well as positioning for investment funding and exits.

Partner, New Hill Management – Boston, MA, London, England
Provide technology and marketing due diligence on physical science-based companies. Develop product and manufacturing strategies with portfolio companies to enhance exit valuation.

Partner, Full Circle Investments – Erie, PA
Provide technology, product and marketing due diligence for potential investments. Participate in fund-raising activities by communication of investment opportunities with investors.

Executive Chairman, Oxford Biosensors, Ltd – Oxford, England
Provide strategic planning, corporate governance, cost control, and organizational structuring in a biotech diagnostic company. Form relationships and develop agreements with product development and marketing partners and with the international investment community.

Vice President, New Business Development, Kionix, Inc – Ithaca, NY
Develop new business opportunities and establish the pathway to commercialization for MEMS, micro, and nanosystems-based products. Negotiate agreements and transfer technology from research institutions, develop product commercialization strategies, and develop marketing partners. Arrange venture funding for commercialization activities.

Senior Vice President, Technology and Business Development, Chief Technology Officer, Ardesta, LLC – Ann Arbor, MI
Co-founded Ardesta as a micro/nano/biosystems industry accelerator. Accelerate the industry through the establishment of a $100 million venture capital fund, media operations – (website, trade journal – Small Times), and a micro/nano start-up incubator. Responsible for aggregating, prioritizing, licensing, transferring, and commercializing intellectual property. Work with universities and research institutes to identify potential new products and markets, and to develop business plans to secure funding for new start-up companies and businesses. Manage microfabrication facilities and provide management expertise to start-up companies. Negotiate manufacturing and marketing agreements with industrial partners.

Vice President, Business and Technology Development, Chief Technical Officer , DT Industries – Springfield, MO
Provide the vision and develop markets for microassembly/packaging and test automation equipment for the largest automation and test equipment company in the US. Recommend and develop technologies and manufacturing approaches to integrated product design and microassembly/packaging for corporate clients. Focus on the integration of electronic and mechanical systems to reduce size and cost of the product and the automated assembly equipment. Develop businesses around unique integrated high volume, micro/nano/biotechnology products.

Founder, Executive Vice President and General Manager, AMTX Inc. – Canandaigua, NY
Established AMTX, Inc. as the world’s first micro/nanofabrication/packaging business, with a vision to capitalize on the microfabrication philosophy to build small, precise parts and assemblies. Directed design and build of a new 85,000 sq. ft. clean environment facility. Established engineering, manufacturing, quality and marketing functions. Developed capabilities in hybrid electronics, precision injection molding, photolithography, electroforming, silicon micromachining (MEMS) and microassembly. Directed new business development activities for large corporate accounts. Developed marketing strategies for the business machines, automotive, medical and communications industries. The company grew to over 200 employees in four years and was acquired.

• Developed business of unique micromanufacturing processes utilizing photolithography and electroforming and implemented a just-in-time process to produce in excess of 30 million fuel injection nozzle structures per year (90% cost reduction).
• Developed business of high-toleranced processes including silicon chip handling, dicing, wirebonding, ultrasonic welding, adhesive bonding, automated microassembly and ink filling and automated production to produce a completed, packaged ink jet print head every eight seconds.
• Developed business of miniaturized integrated medical and biotechnology devices including blood analysis, catalytic sterilization, infusion pumps, and microfluidic delivery systems, and built FDA certified manufacturing facilities.

General Manager, Advanced Microtechnology, Xerox Corporation – Rochester, NY
Directed a staff of managers, engineers and bargaining unit personnel in fabrication/materials research, process development, model shop, assembly, testing and manufacturing operations.

• Developed micro and nanofabrication approaches for precision parts and electronic components utilizing technologies such as photofabrication, electrochemistry, hybrid electronic assembly and thin film deposition to build ink jet and electronic scanning systems.
• Developed and implemented a unique high-volume manufacturing cells with parts fabrication, assembly, and packaging fully integrated and automated using closed loop CAD/CAM approaches.

Manager, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Xerox Corporation – Rochester, NY
Directed technical and business strategies for developing and implementing manufacturing processes for the cost-effective production of electronic marking and imaging systems. Identified manufacturing/materials cost opportunities, developed research proposals, showed feasibility, developed processes, designed and built manufacturing facilities, and implemented into production.

• Established industrial laser development pilot facility. Implemented the production of laser foam roll cutting, laser hardening of metals, polymer belt perforation and cutting (average cost reduction of 50%). Recognized as one of the broadest laser manufacturing activities in the world.
• Introduced diamond machining for precision parts manufacture. Implemented a manufacturing cell concept. Cut part cost by 80% with increased reliability and reduced service costs.
• Instituted flow forming of metal for tube production. Reduced part cost by 60% and increased service life.

Engineering Leader, Department of Engineering and Development, RCA Corporation, Consumer Electronics – Indianapolis, IN
Transferred coating processes from research laboratories and implemented into production – process and equipment development of high-speed continuous production vacuum system for coating of thin films of metals, dielectrics and lubricants onto optical storage discs (CD-ROM/DVD). Most complex high volume continuous vacuum manufacturing system known at that time.

Specification, design, construction and staffing of materials characterization facility for the analysis of polymers, electroforms, and thin films by Auger, scanning electron and infrared spectroscopy, x-ray fluorescence, ellipsometry and other state of the art surface analysis techniques. Enabled sophisticated quality control program for the optical storage disc.

Research, RCA Corporation – David Sarnoff Research Center – Princeton, NJ
Investigation of unique fabrication/materials approaches associated with high-density storage information media known as optical storage discs, which later became the CD-ROM/DVD.

• Established lithographic processing requirements utilizing electron beam and photosensitive resist materials.
• Studied the effects of resins and additives on the properties of compression and injection molded plastics. Developed and implemented polymer molding manufacturing processes using new materials combinations.
• Designed and built an optical disc testing facility. Allowed timely development of statistical quality database.
• Developed sputtering, evaporation and plating processes on polymers. Coatings on polymers of dielectrics, metals and unique lubricants.

Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Troy, NY
Developed a low-cost vapor deposition process for producing high modulus boron filaments for composite applications. Produced the strongest known man–made material. Work was awarded the Industrial Research 100 Award as one of the top 100 Industrial Research achievements for 1970.
Studied low temperature viscosity and structural characteristics of glasses, creep and residual stress in carbon and other materials, electrical and mechanical properties of composites and glass/ceramic/metal bonding and interfacial reactions.

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