Product Development and Metallurgical Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of LCL Consultant

  • Foundry
  • Integrated and Ninimill Steel
  • Automotive and Truck
  • Marine
  • General Engineering
  • Metallurgy

This expert has a Higher National Diploma in Metallurgy (B.Sc. degree equivalent) from the Sheffield (UK) College of Technology.

Product Development and Metallurgical Expert Consultant Resume

This expert is an accomplished practical foundry engineer with proven ability to apply technical and economic improvements in a demanding casting production environment. This consultant investigates and resolves casting defects as well as recommends process changes to improve process capability. This expert has a detailed knowledge of laboratory procedures for extensive analytical and metallographic investigations. This expert is a skilled certified black belt in Six Sigma Methodology and capability in Lean Manufacturing, and has demonstrated technical marketing success at major foundries in the US, and internationally.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing metallurgical consulting, foundry consulting, cast metals consulting, process improvement consulting, six sigma methodology black belt skills, lean manufacturing, failure analysis, patent infringement consulting, forensic investigation, expert testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Foundry Consultant, Fremont, CA

Successful Expert Witness in major blast furnace failure litigation. Performed business process mapping and analysis; assess melting and coremaking process effectiveness. Recommended process changes to improve process capability, investigate and resolve casting defects. Analyzed data from processes, using Six Sigma tools to enable statistically sound adjustments. Conducted metallurgical training programmes / Instructor at CMI Foundry courses.


Manager, Continuous Improvement, US Pipe & Foundry, Union City, CA

Managed projects and group of Six Sigma Engineers to save $1.7 million, 140% of annual plan. Analyzed, planned and implemented process improvements for a mature high volume process. Improved sand mold & core production control.


Director, Ironmaking Technology, US Pipe & Foundry, Birmingham, AL

Introduced melting process improvements as measured by efficiency, cycle time and quality criteria. Initiated and developed concepts for improved processes especially future (s)melting technologies. Mentored and coached engineers, served as technical expert in process development and control areas.


Metallurgical Consultant, Pittsburgh, PA

Performed business process mapping and analysis; assess systems and process effectiveness. Conducted process audits and implement process improvements, technical training, casting problem investigations.


Manager Market Development-Foundry Alloys, Elkem Metals Co., Sewickley, PA

Managed defect analysis service for customers to improve their production OEE. Developed and presented technical training programs for peers and management personnel. Surveyed and analyzed best practices for techniques and processes and introduced them to system owners. Developed strong relationships with technical support for key customers and stakeholders. Developed and increased product sales, in a business with an annual value of $150 million. Provided technical support justification for regaining $3.2 million account. Broad technical expertise covering Steel, Iron, Ferroalloy manufacture including Minerals and Refractories.


Market Development, Steel, Foundry, Aluminum and Chemicals Industries, Elkem Alloys UK Ltd., Sheffield, UK

Provided technical support for the use of proprietary performance alloys. Surveyed and reported on growth in developing ferrous markets in the Pacific Rim countries.


Market Development, Steel, Foundry, Industries, Union Carbide UK Ltd., Sheffield, UK

Provided technical support for the use of proprietary performance alloys. Developed markets for new alternative alloying products in technically dynamic processes. Charge Chrome in the AOD stainless steel process. Calcium carbide desulphurizer for hot metal (blast furnace iron) refining. Vanadium carbide / nitride for microalloyed steels for pipeline and rebar steels. Vacuum grade electrolytic chrome for aerospace alloys. Granular high purity silicon metal for trichlorosilane production. Deputy Chief Inspector for vacuum melted nickel and cobalt based aerospace cast alloys.

This expert has numerous publications on topics in metallurgy, foundry engineering, and more.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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