Materials, Corrosion, and Litigation Expert Consultant
Resume of RMI, Ph.D., C.Eng, FICorr, FNACE, FIM consultant

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This consultant received a Doctorate Degree, a Master's Degree, and a Bachelor's Degree in Metallurgy from the University of Manchester.

Materials, Corrosion, and Litigation Expert Consultant

This consultant has experience in materials selection and utilization, corrosion performance of materials, design for corrosion control, and site surveys. Other fields of this consultant's expertise include audits and inspections, inspection of underground storage tanks, litigation and insurance work, troubleshooting and failure analysis, and risk minimization.

This associate also specializes in testing and simulation studies, engineering services and technical support in metallurgy, corrosion and high-temperature materials performance for all sectors of industry, application of metallurgy and corrosion control principles, and risk minimization associated with materials. Specialization of this associate includes design appraisals, advisory work, inspection, site surveys, and failure investigations are all related fields.

Additional experience of this expert includes testing and simulation studies for industry, local authorities, government agencies, and insurers. Other areas of this consultant's expertise includes working with loss adjusters, arbitrators and the legal profession, knowledge in major plant failures including process plants, and refineries. Gas turbines boilers, pipelines and buildings, explosions, fires, flood damages, and structural collapse are related fields this expert has experience in. Additional specialization of this consultant  includes malfunctioning machinery, component breakdowns, electrical failures, cargo condition surveys, buildings, and infrastructure. Supports and guard rails, poorly fabricated parts and equipment, expert witness in metallurgy, materials selection, failure analysis, design and corrosion-related issues are related specializations of this consultant.

This expert is highly experienced in areas including materials, design and corrosion control for engineers, management, and designers. Other fields of knowledge this expert has include operators, inspectors and risk assessors, corrosion engineering, and corrosion in the oil and gas industries. Troubleshooting and failure analysis on malfunctioning machinery and equipment, component breakdowns, structural collapse, fire, heat, and flood damage are related fields of expertise for this consultant. This associate also has knowledge in underground storage tanks, reactors, machinery, aerosol cans, chairs, plumbing, and elevators and escalators. Additional specialization of this consultant includes automobiles and transportation vehicles, ships and cargo, stress corrosion cracking of copper tubing under elastomeric insulation, formicary (ant-nest) corrosion in ACR copper tubing, and surveying underground storage tanks. Other areas of expertise for this consultant  include high temperature oxidation and hot corrosion.

This expert has extensive failure analysis work that includes failures in copper tubing, failure of power generator systems, premature failure of sliding doors, and refinery fire. Additional areas of this consultant's expertise include gas turbine failures, igniter failures in gas furnaces, chair failures, elevator cable failures, and .boiler tube explosion. Failed acid-carrying road tanker, urea plant explosion, hydraulic cylinder failures, explosion at alumina plant, and fuel oil corrosion in boilers are related fields of this consultant's specialization. Additional fields of this consultant's specialization include gas cooler failures in sulfuric acid plant, coating failures on generator panels, failure of large water main, materials assessments [FFP] after refinery fire, and steel cargo damages following voyage. This expert has extensive knowledge in resolving SCC in insulated copper tubing, condition survey of aluminized steel in underground culvert, duct work evaluations following fires, and dielectric coupling failure and flood damage in high rise buildings.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing metallurgical consulting, corrosion and materials engineering consulting, high temperature materials performance expertise, failure analysis, forensic investigation and analysis, expert testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients


Corrosion and Materials Consultant

Has provided materials utilization and corrosion control to all sectors of industry, trade organizations, government, legal profession, insurance underwriters and loss adjusters. Offered technical support, including metallurgical, analytical, corrosion testing and evaluation services including design appraisals, advisory work, specification reviews, site surveys and audits, laboratory research and testing, troubleshooting and failure investigations, seminar preparation and presentations, special expertise in high temperature corrosion and control, including materials assessments after explosions and fires.


Senior Engineer, Cortest Engineering Services, Inc., Houston, TX; Rockville, MD

Established UK office/laboratory, Cortest Laboratories, Ltd., in Sheffield, UK Provided materials utilization and testing, contract R & D, site surveys, troubleshooting.


Director, Independent Total Inspection, Inc., Houston, TX; ITI, Ltd., Watford, UK

Provided Coating Inspection, surveys, appraisal reports, troubleshooting, seminars.


Professor, tenured lecturer, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) - Corrosion and Protection Center, Manchester, England

Teaching and research - MSc course in Corrosion Science and Engineering, MSc course in Terotechnology, design and materials selection, basic corrosion principles, atmospheric corrosion, high temperature environments, troubleshooting and failure analysis


Senior Consultant, Corrosion And Protection Centre Industrial Services, (CAPCIS), Manchester, England

UK and worldwide advisory & consulting work, site surveys, laboratory testing and simulation, failure analysis, litigation / insurance work


Faculty Staff, Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA), NJ; Amsterdam, Holland

Seminars, industrial corrosion, oil / gas corrosion


Project Officer, Imperial Chemical Industries - Metals Division, (IMI), Ltd., UK

R/D on materials for aerospace and gas turbine industries, general work with IMI products - copper, titanium


Visiting Lecturer, University of Wisconsin

Seminars on The Utilization of Stainless Steels and Overcoming the Challenge of Corrosion


Faculty, NACE International

Seminar on High Temperature Corrosion

UK Government, Member, Committee on Corrosion

Technical Support, Overseas Development Administration, Mexico. IIE, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Consultant, Nickel Development Institute (NiDI)

Technical Expert, Sopheon / (Teltech) - Resource Network Corporation

Expert, Technical Advisory Service to Attorneys - (TASA)

Who’s Who - Environmental Registry

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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