Aluminum, Carbon and Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of WAX Consultant

  • Aluminum
  • Carbon and Alloy Steels
  • Casting
  • Forging
  • Rolling
  • Stainless Steel

This expert has a Masters in Engineering in Rolling Theory from the University of Sheffield.

This expert also holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering (1st Class Honors) from the University of Sheffield.

Aluminum, Carbon and Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel Expert Consultant Resume

This expert has wide ranging experience in rolling and finishing technology relative to carbon and alloy steels, stainless steel and aluminum. Areas of specialization include casting, forging, and hot and cold strip. This consultant also has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas related to coatings, plate, and rail.

Other specialties include section, bar, rebar, and wire rod. This consultant is also an expert in areas related to seamless and welded tube. The distinguished background of this individual includes eight years with British Steel, eight years with WS Atkins and 16 years with Davy. This expert has worked in 23 countries over the past decade providing due diligence, expert witness, and technical audits. Other key capabilities include project evaluation, training and process modeling. This expert also speaks French and German.

Following is a summary of assignments completed over the past several decades:

Project Management

Davy, Poole, UK – Turnkey proposals in steel and aluminum

Atkins – Steel cold rolling and finishing in Tianjing, China

Rod mill Dalsbruk, Finland

Alloy and stainless billet mill in UK

Cold Strip and Temper Mills in China

Technical and Economic Studies

  • MCI Concept studies on EAF, wheels, OCTG
  • Hatch Hot strip mill capacity verification
  • MCI Industrial complexes in Gulf states
  • Atkins Sheet piling, stainless bar & tube, sections
  • JMI, Eire – Lead sheet rolling
  • Behre, Dolbear, UK – Aluminum casting and rolling
  • Parkegate Engineering Consultants, UK
  • Process model for Flat Rolling; Sendzimir mill in Thailand; Stainless steelmaking and strip rolling
  • UK client – Concept study on aluminum strip casting and cold rolling to heat exchanger finstock
  • Beddows, USA – Operating cost model for seamless tube rolling and finishing
  • Atkins – Special steels plant at COST, Romania
  • Corus Consulting, UK – Tube and bar rolling and finishing for special steels
  • SEC, UK – Hot and Cold strip rolling mills, galvanizing and strip finishing in Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Davy, Poole, UK – R&D for stainless steel, aluminum and coated steel strip
  • Energoinvest, Bosnia – Economic model of integrated aluminum works


  • Shell International Petroleum – Steel processes, equipment and markets, in Shanghai and London
  • Sheffield University, UK – Flat Rolling Technology

Due diligence and Business Planning

  • MCI Modernization of flat products, Ukraine
  • MCI Wide plate mill and welded pipe in Russia
  • GSC Technical advisor for casting, bar mills and forging in Montenegro
  • Atkins Project review on seamless pipe rolling and finishing
  • Atkins Bar and rod rolling in Latvia
  • MCI Cold rolling plant in Nigeria
  • HB advisers Special steels in Scandinavia;
  • Valuation of Erdemir Group in Turkey
  • MCI Bar mills in Poland
  • Metals Consulting International – Hot & Cold Strip, plate, wire rod, tinning, galvanizing for Turkish privatization.
  • Mittal Steel – Iron ore exploitation, Senegal
  • Hatch Beddows – Seamless & welded pipe mills in Russia and Romania
  • PricewaterhouseCooper – Steelmaking & casting, seamless & welded tubes, bar & rod in Croatia
  • Global Steel Consultants – Seamless tube mill in Italy
  • John Foord – Special steels bar and rod mill in Malaysia. Beam mill in Malaysia
  • Atkins for Balkans client – Sendzimir mill and finishing in Bosnia
  • Atkins for Italian bank – Galvanizing, Estonia
  • Atkins for ISPAT Indo – NSC, Philippines
  • Atkins for ISPAT International – Rolling mills at Nanjing I&S Co; Hot & cold strip at National Steel, Philippines; Rails, sections, bar, rod, wire, plate, hot and cold rolled strip, galvanizing, tinning and coating for Polish privatization; Bloom, billet, bar and rod in Ukraine
  • USAid – Welded tube, drawing & finishing in Bosnia
  • Japanese client – Galvanizing in Venezuela
  • ISPAT Indo – Rail and heavy section mills in Romania
  • Beddows, USA – Seamless and electro-welded tube in Venezuela;
  • EBRD – Hot & Cold Strip Mills and Bar Mill at Ispat-Karmet, Kazakhstan

Expert Witness

  • Mouchel Parkman Ice damage at Galati, Romania
  • Corus, UK – Roller straightening of rail and section
  • Mouchel Parkman, UK – fire damage at Karmet
  • Hunter, McLean, USA – Sea-damaged merchant mill equipment at Birmingham Steel, USA
  • Atkins, for White, Case – Special steels rod mill at ARCO Steel, Egypt; Blooming, rails, sections and tyre mills at Resita, Romania
  • Atkins – Quality in steel billets and plates
  • Sidermac, Italy – Merchant section & bar mill in USA

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc.

Providing expertise in rolling and finishing technology of flat and long products, aluminum, carbon and alloy steels, and stainless steel, project identification and appraisal, market and feasibility studies, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Principal, consulting firm serving the aluminum, carbon and alloy steels, and stainless steel industries

With over 50 years experience in rolling and finishing technology of flat and long products including tube, covering the aluminum, carbon and alloy steels, and stainless steel industries, this expert has been involved in project identification and appraisal, market and feasibility studies. Areas of expertise included: – Technical appraisals of rolling mill operations – Project management – Due diligence and privatization – Extensive experience in Central and Eastern Europe – Troubleshooting – Economic and process modeling – Expert witness – Technical translation (French and German) This consultant has worldwide experience including bar and rod, hot strip, cold strip, plate, aluminum casting and rolling, plate, rod, bar and section rolling. Additional areas of specialty include cold strip rolling, strip mills, and special steels bar and tube. This expert also offers world-class experience in seamless tube, galvanizing, rails and sections, tube, bar, aluminum hot rolling, aluminum strip, rod and bar, iron ore, bar minimill, and more.


Consultant, John Foord (Malaysia), Singapore, Malaysia

Experience in steel and associated industries: Technical audit of Perwaja special steels rod and bar mill Technical audit of Perwaja Heavy Section Mill


Consultant, EBRD (London), Rustavi, Georgia

Experience in steel and associated industries: Lender's Supervisor for carbon steel bar mill


Associate Consultant, WS Atkins, Epsom, United Kingdom

Experience in steel and associated industries: China Due diligence for LNM Holdings in Nanjing I&S Co, China Project identification, specification and contract negotiation for Brightwise, PR China Evaluation of tenders for LNM Cold Rolling plant in China Middle East Expert witness for stainless and alloy bar mill in Egypt, plate and billet quality Light section mill concept study for Saudi Evaluation of tenders for section mills in Bahrain Review of seamless OCTG project in Saudi Poland Technical due diligence of Huta Katowice, Huta Sendzimira, Huta Florian, Huta Cedler and Huta Czestochowa, to support privatization bid by Ispat International, for LNM Holdings Technical due diligence of Huta Ostrowiecs and Huta Zawierce for Stalexport Latvia Technical specialist on new bar and rod mill Georgia, CIS Technical specialist on restructuring of Rustavi, including bar mill and seamless tube mill Russia Due diligence and progress reviews on seamless tube finishing equipment at PNTZ Romania Technical due diligence of COST (stainless steel) as part of Romanian privatization program. Expert witness for Romanian Government on CSR Resita billet, section and rail mills privatization claim. Technical review of Siderca, Calarasi, rail rolling and finishing facilities, for ISPAT India Serbia Project evaluation of FOB Belgrade (grey iron foundry) Technical audit of steel Cold Strip complex in Serbia in Bosnia Hercogovina Ukraine Due diligence on bloom, billet and bar mills Estonia Review of performance of newly started Hot Dip Galvanizing Line Czech Republic Evaluation of plate mill complex Elsewhere: Due diligence for Ispat Karmet, Kazakhstan Technical audit of NSC Philippines Strip Mills Project concepts, design and management in flat and long products mills in Morocco, Finland, Mexico and elsewhere Rationalization of special steel bar mills in Sheffield UK Expert witness for litigation in Portugal, Egypt, India Iron ore exploitation in Senegal for Mittal


Consultant, Metals Consulting International, London, UK

Ukraine Technical specialist on rolling and finishing departments of hot and cold strip mills, tinning lines at Zaporizstal, for Austrian bank Poland Technical specialist on bar and plate rolling at Zlomrex Turkey Due diligence on rolling and finishing departments of hot and cold strip mills and wire rod mill (for OYAK) Roll pass design study on billet / section mill (Isdemir) Capacity calculation of hot strip mill (Isdemir) Saudi Arabia Technical advisor on smelting and finishing project Nigeria Technical advisor on cold strip rolling project Technical advisor on steelmaking, casting and bar rolling Russia Technical advisor on plate mill and pipe welding Technical specialist on concepts for OCTG expansion


Consultant, Hatch Corporate Finance, London, UK

Technical specialist on rod and bar mill (confidential client) Due diligence in Scandinavian rod and bar mills


Consultant, Hatch Associates Canada (for OYAK), Erdemir, Isdemir, Celbor, Turkey

Technical specialist on valuation of rolling and finishing departments of hot strip and plate mills, wire rod mill and seamless tube plant


Consultant, Mouchel Parkman, UK, West Byfleet, UK

Kazakhstan Advisor on fire damage losses to Hot Strip Mill and implications for integrated Iron and Steel operations in Mittal Karmet Romania Advisor on ice damage in integrated works at Galati


Consultant, Hatch Beddows, London, UK

Turkey Verification of completion, and capacity assessment at Isdemir hot strip mill Russia Technical appraisal and due diligence of seamless and welded tube works at Seversky Tube Works, Polevskoy, as part of privatization program. Technical expert on business plan for pipe making in four large works. Middle East Technical expert on proposal for seamless OCTG mill Elsewhere: Technical appraisal of seamless tube mills in Venezuela Techno-economic modeling of USA tube mill project. Technical review of ARTROM tube plant in Slatina, Romania

Litigation on Various Subjects
Valuation of Steel Companies
Rolling Process Models
Due Diligence for Investors
Technical and Economic Studies
Project Engineering


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