Micromanufacturing, Advanced Metal Forming Experts Resume
Resume of ZQZ, Ph.D. Consultant

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This consultant received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering & Automatic Control from Shanghai JiaoTong University.

This expert then went on to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned an M.S. and a Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering.

Micromanufacturing, Advanced Metal Forming Experts Resume

This expert consultant has expertise in computer-integrated systems for metal and composite sheet forming processes from micro to macro scale, fundamentals in material deformation and material formability at various scales.

Ares of specialization for this expert includes creation of intelligent process design algorithms considering process variations and utilizing real-time sensors, development of efficient simulation tools, and advancement of the inverse method.

This associate has conducted numerous studies in areas including force trajectory control, draw bead penetration, material flow, and simulations of sheet metal forming. Further experience includes springback error in channel forming, prediction of delaying wrinkling and tearing failure, wrinkling behavior, and neural network for springback minimization. Related experience includes channel forming process and predicting 3-d corner failure.

Other areas of interest include forming tailor welded blanks, plate wrinkling analysis, stress-based predictions, and prediction of plastic wrinkling using energy method. Additional experience and specialization includes predicting flange wrinkling in deep drawing, consistent and minimal springback using a stepped binder force trajectory and neural network control, novel forming technology, and sheet metal forming processes.

Furthermore, this expert has experience in next generation stamping dies, wrinkling analysis in shrink flanging, enhancement of sheet metal formabilityvia local adaptive controllers, and effective models for prediction of springback in flanging. Additional experience includes wrinkling limit in tube bending, stamping of woven fabric, thermoplastic composites, and analysis of an axisymmetric deep drawn part forming using less forming steps.

Knowledgeable in areas including and simulation of plane strain rolling, thermo-forming of woven composites, straight flanging processes, and model validation via uncertainty propagation and data transformations. This associate has demonstrated specific expertise relative to wrinkling behavior of laminated steel sheets, sheet coil deformation, microforming experimental investigation of the extrusion process for micropins simulation of bulk metal forming processes, and post-buckling analysis in sheet metal forming.

Additional areas of interest include integrated micro/macro mechanical model of woven fabric composites under large deformation, nonlinear temperature trajectories, composite forming technologies, and bending and flanging of aluminum sheet. Process and adaptive control for sheet forming, friction behavior in micropin extrusion, advances in microforming, and automotive deck lid inner panel benchmark simulation are also areas of expertise this associate has.

Other areas of emphasis include automotive underbody cross member benchmark simulation results, numerical tool (rkem) and advancement of experimental setup, predicting wrinkling and experimental verification, and characterization in stamping of woven composites. Additional experience includes springback prediction in straight flanging, experimental study on sheet wrinkling behavior and its analysis, and experimental implementation of the novel forming process.

This expert is highly regarded in areas including intelligent material and process design for stamping of structural composites, modeling and comparisons, stress based wrinkling criterion, and formability of sheet metal via smart tooling. Further experience includes intelligent material and process design for stamping of structural composites, fabric modeling, material characterization in forming structural composites, and high volume manufacturing of structural composites.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in mechanical engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing, micromanufacturing, manufacturing process optimization, advanced metal forming, CAD/CAM, FEA and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, major university

Program Director, National Science Foundation

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

Industrial training, General Motors Corp

Postdoctoral Fellow, Mechanical Engineering, M.I.T.

Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering, M.I.T.

Teaching Assistant, Mechanical Engineering, M.I.T.

Design Engineer, Shanghai Nanyang Forging Inc., P.R.China

Holds patents on an adaptive method and apparatus for forming tailor welded blank, and real-time draw-in sensors and methods of fabrication. Author of numerous publications including refereed journal articles, non-refereed conference publications, a

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