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  • Communications
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  • Financial
  • Legal
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This expert has an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Chicago.

This expert received an M.S. in Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

This expert has a B.S. in Engineering from the Michigan State University.

Lead Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing engineering consulting, economic damage assessment, management consulting, expert testimony, forensic accounting, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Partner, litigation and valuation services company

Primarily responsible for assisting companies and their legal counsel in developing and analyzing issues related to valuation, forensic accounting, and economic damage quantification. This Kevin Kennedy Associates consultant has substantial experience in developing approaches for the determination of economic damages in a wide variety of litigation engagements. His case experience includes anti-trust, breach of contract, business interruption, construction, dealer/distributor termination, environmental, and intellectual property matters, among others. Assignments have been in a variety of industries including automotive, banking, computer software, construction, consumer and industrial electronics, general manufacturing, medical supply, packaging, railroad, rubber, steel and telecommunications. Has extensive experience in providing expert deposition and trial testimony in arbitration, state and federal court.

Engagement Experience Examples

Provided expert testimony in an engagement involving allegedly changed and defective specifications provided to a manufacturer performing under a fixed price contract. The claim required the pricing of change orders as well as the pricing of the resulting business interruption caused by the defective specifications and owner interference.

Developed an economic model to determine the business interruption damages suffered by an environmental laboratory which allegedly lost business due to improper actions of the Department of Natural Resources related the laboratory's permit.

Evaluated the economic damages stemming from the alleged breach of an employment agreement and misappropriation of trade secret information concerning pricing, supplier contacts, and customer lists.

Provided consulting assistance to counsel in a matter involving the reasonableness of expenses incurred by a remediation contractor that had been retained to clean-up damaged structures surrounding the World Trade Center site.

Reviewed a business interruption damage claim related to the alleged improper design and installation of a conveyor system installed in an automated manufacturing facility.

Determined the economic damages related to allegedly fraudulent financial information provided to the purchaser of a shoe and specialty boot company. The engagement involved reviewing financial statements as well as the valuation work performed by the plaintiff as part of this transaction.

Prepared a business interruption claim related to a fire that destroyed "work in progress" inventory. The dispute was between a company and their insurance broker who had allegedly failed to obtain the appropriate business interruption insurance coverage.

Reviewed a probabilistic damage claim involving estimates of the clean-up costs associated with PCB contaminated piping and equipment. The claim was based upon individual clean-up task durations and costs as well as the expected number of sites that would require attention. Each clean-up task had an associated statistical probability of cost which was used to establish a range of potential damages.

Reviewed the clean-up costs associated with a truck-tanker spill that seeped into drainage pipes and spread throughout a county. The engagement involved reviewing the adequacy of supporting documentation for the costs as well as a determination of the necessity and/or redundancy of the cost item.

Prepared a lost profits claim for a construction equipment manufacturer. The analysis included a determination of lost sales, incremental costs, return on invested capital and resulting profitability.

Provided an expert report in a case involving a municipality's attempt to recover costs associated with the clean-up of lead and other contaminants in the sewer system. The engagement involved the review of supporting documentation and a determination of incremental costs associated with the clean-up.

Analyzed cost overruns incurred at a nuclear power plant during an extended forced outage period. The analysis included the review of as-built durations of various modifications performed during this period.

Reviewed a Fortune 100 defense contractor's allocation of home office expenses to individual contracts being performed at several manufacturing locations.

Provided expert testimony in a business interruption case involving failed grain handling equipment in a corn processing facility.

Developed an economic damages report in a business interruption engagement involving the alleged improper removal of private payphones from city-owned property.

Testimony Experience Examples

Case involving major brewing companies, deposition, trial testimony.

Case involving transportation manufacturing firm and major city transit authority, deposition.

Case involving dental technology manufacturer, deposition, trial testimony

Case involving major battery manufacturer, deposition, trial testimony

Case involving manufacturing firm, arbitration testimony.

Case involving plastics manufacturer and engineering firm, deposition.

Case involving worldwide information technology consulting firm, deposition.

Case involving hospital and medical center, deposition.

Case involving safety compliance and training firms, arbitration testimony.

Case involving environmental technology, trial testimony.

Case involving industrial engineering, deposition.

Case involving hospital medical center, deposition.

Case involving technology firms, deposition.

Case involving manufacturer and major automotive manufacturer, deposition.

Case involving major automotive parts supplier, deposition.

Case involving construction firm, arbitration testimony.

Case involving real estate investment firm, arbitration testimony.

Case involving financial firms, deposition, trial testimony.

Case involving die manufacturers, deposition.

Case involving financial investment firm, arbitration testimony .

Case involving major truck manufacturer, arbitration testimony.

Case involving major franchise operation, deposition.

Case involving development firm, trial testimony.

Case involving assisted living corporation, arbitration testimony.

Case involving braking systems firm, deposition.

Case involving medical technologies firm, arbitration testimony.

Case involving major personal computer industry firm, deposition.

Case involving securities firm, arbitration testimony.

Case involving major automotive manufacturing firms, deposition.

Case involving major financial investment firm, arbitration testimony.

Case involving construction firm, deposition.

Case involving major automotive manufacturer, deposition.

Case involving manufacturer and global automotive supplier, arbitration testimony.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


  • Poly(methylmethacrylate) Manufacturing Operations / Processes Consultants
  • Cell Phone Technologies Expert


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