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  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Military
  • Nuclear

This expert has a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering from Montana State University in Bozeman, MT.

Expertise and Services:

Contract Engineering and Manufacturing Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in contract engineering and consulting with over 20 years of specialized achievement in program management, design, manufacturing, and outsourcing logistics with a proven portfolio of successful projects.

Contract engineering experience includes program and project management, mechanical and electrical design engineering, and new product development. Additional areas of experience include manufacturing and quality process engineering domestic and international procurement.

Consulting specialties include new product development, practical LEAN implementation, quality control by design, and Asian sourcing. This consultant's capabilities include design for manufacturing, and start-up business planning / development.

This expert is an effective communicator with noteworthy analytical skills. A successful track record shows that this consultant consistently meets deadlines with superior results. Receptive listening ability enables this expert to come up to speed quickly. This expert offers a reputation for cost-consciousness and quality.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in contract engineering and consulting in program management, design, manufacturing, and outsourcing logistics, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Consulting Engineer / Project Manager, La Aluminum, Hayden, ID

Developed quality system plan for a series of proprietary products based on an exhaustive review of applicable military and aerospace specifications covering design, manufacturing, heat treating, and coating of cast aluminum components specified for use in US government and military contracts. Cultivated test strategy and specifications for semi-automated, mobile leak test device to monitor process capability and 100% inspect each component in-process prior to shipment. Served as program manager for design / development of the leak test equipment; defined project scope, oversaw costing and bid proposals, and submitted weekly reports to senior management. Keys to Success: facilitating cross-functional group of internal and external resources to complete the design, development, fabrication, sourcing, assembly, validation, and implementation.


Operations VP, Financial Strategies, Post Falls, ID

Joined a small investment advisory practice to build and grow a multi-disciplined professional organization taking advantage of 17 years of experience in the corporate world of engineering and business development. In addition to sales and investment advisory activities, the primary focus was on expanding the operation. Short term goals included setting up a P&C insurance agency and tax / bookkeeping service. Developed a long term strategic business plan to establish multiple sites / locations. Leveraged new and existing relationships with local lenders in an attempt to secure capital for expansion in very difficult economic conditions. Operations management responsibilities included accounting, budgeting, hiring, employee development, business planning, financing & profit / loss reporting, as well as sales & marketing. Keys to Success: networking to grow existing client base, developing / implementing business system processes, and effective communications between ownership members and financiers.


Program Manager / Global Operations, Esterline Advanced Input Devices, Coeur D Alene, ID

Set up complete manufacturing facility in Shanghai to build medical ultrasound control panels. Contributed to preparation of overall business plan, designing and laying out the facility, hiring / training all employees (from plant manager to production workers), and overall program management. Presided over monthly / quarterly reporting, strategic business planning, and program transition activities. Keys to Success: effective communication between executive management, as well as both domestic and international operations groups; key intangibles included integration into Chinese culture, learning some basic Chinese language, and understanding cultural differences between east and west to achieve desired results.


Global Procurement Engineer, Esterline Advanced Input Devices, Coeur D Alene, ID

Utilized extensive background as medical device manufacturing engineer to ensure US-specified product designs were properly designed and specified commensurate with offshore manufacturing capabilities. Teamed with Asian suppliers to set up low-volume specialty manufacturing processes that achieved the tight tolerances and specifications associated with medical device manufacturing. Overall project success was achieved as approximately 80% of the hard components across all product lines were successfully transitioned overseas resulting in product cost reductions from between 15% and 30%. Required extensive travel throughout Asia, including Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and mainland China. Keys to Success: frequent trips to visit suppliers and build relationships while establishing Asian supply chain.


Manufacturing Engineer, Esterline Advanced Input Devices, Coeur D Alene, ID

Utilizing demand flow and lean techniques, revamped several production line processes to increase productivity and overall quality; convinced "set in their ways" company to undertake pilot manufacturing program. Proved to executive management the need for adopting lean manufacturing principles, along with the rewards. Positive labor variances indicated a significant increase in available capacity and a measurable improvement in quality within 30 days of pilot program implementation; trend continued over the remaining 3 months of study. Pilot study resulted in the development of a new approach to manufacturing documentation control, with quality designed in to each process (as opposed to end-of-the-line final inspection). Final success was achieved two years after the pilot; lean manufacturing concepts were applied factory wide.


Contract Mechanical Engineer, Hiline Engineering and Fabrication, Richland, WA

Designed and developed structural support architecture for a stainless steel gantry system used to handle spent fuel rods at the Hanford nuclear reservation. Oversaw process and piping layout / coordination of internal and external manufacturing resources to complete nuclear waste treatment processing skids. Directed onsite installation of the structural support system and participated in the final testing of gantry assembly.


Principal Engineer, Hardware Development, AKSYS Limited, Lincolnshire, IL

Designed, developed, and validated electromechanical assemblies and subsystems to meet requirements for a home hemo-dialysis machine in start-up medical company. Researched and specified fabrication methods for aluminum die and plaster casting, plastic injection molding, and sheet metal forming in the development of device specifications. Developed several custom plastic flow path components to withstand daily high temperature disinfection processes. Specified, designed, and built a custom PLC-driven automated tester to facilitate 24 / 7 testing. Managed five technical resources in taking the device from design through GMP prototype production in accordance with FDA regulatory compliance regulations. Fostered cross-functionally between contract manufacturer’s engineering and production groups to complete the builds under a very aggressive timeline; project was successfully completed start-to-finish in 4 months.


Manufacturing Engineer, Plastics Disposables, COBE, BCT, Inc., Lakewood, CO

Assumed process responsibility for high-volume disposable blood tubing sets used in collection of blood components. Presided over production process optimization, manufacturing equipment specification, tooling & fixture design, and all phases of manufacturing cost reduction. Developed thorough knowledge of FDA Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) regulations and the ability to effectively operate in the regulatory environment. Keys to Success: working cross-functionally in the organization, ranging from executive management to receiving and shipping groups. An example of one major project success was the implementation of a new packaging system resulting in approximately $1,000,000 / year in cost savings; project required a detailed study of ETO and Gamma sterilization processes resulting in the specification of new materials and custom adhesives to incorporate into the packaging redesign; extensive testing and validation were required prior to implementation; project success was achieved approximately one year after initiation; return on investment target was met within 9 months of implementation.


Steel Piping Project Engineer, Structural Design Engineer, and Medical Device Manufacturing Engineer for three small companies (two were start-ups).

Gained a wide breadth of industry experience in a very short amount of time; discovered insight into factors contributing to the difficulties of start-up businesses.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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