Mechanical Engineering, New Product Design and Analysis, Injection Molding Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of MFW

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Product Design/Analysis
  • Injection Molding
  • Plastics
  • Cast Parts
  • Structural / Thermal / Electromagnetic Simulation
  • Computer Software

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University. Minor in Mathematics.

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University

Experienced Senior Simulation Specialist with Masters in Mechanical Engineering. 
Focused on product simulation, design, and optimization using 3D Parametric Design (CAD) and linear & non-linear finite element analysis (FEA/CFD) numerical methods.
Has worked on consumer products, injection molded and cast parts, sheet metal, as well as high tech markets such as aerospace components, fiber reinforced plastics, RF (Radio Frequency), electromagnetics, cryogenics, superconductors, high vacuum, numerical methods, structural and thermal simulation of large welded/bolted structures, enclosures, PCBs, & IC’s.  Possesses expertise in Multiphysics Simulation FEA, CFD, & Meshing, MS/Windows and MS/Office Apps, UNIX, some Linux, as well as computer hardware, configuration, and networking. Can provide immediate benefits as an “individual contributor”, or can train, mentor, support, customize, develop & automate a company’s in-house CAD/FEA/CAE infrastructure.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Providing expertise in Mechanical Engineering, and new product simulation, design and analysis to a wide variety of clients.
FEA Consultant and Contract FEA Specialist – Cary, NC                                         
Utilized 3D CAD, Solid modeling, and FEA/CFD expertise to provide design and analysis consulting & contract services.  Performed structural, thermal, magnetic, electric conduction, and CFD/Cooling FEA investigations.  Worked on everything from cellphone chips, PCBs, heat frames, electrical cabinets and enclosures, elevator cabs and rails, aerospace actuators, aerospace cargo restraint, bridge decks, NOx catalyst racks, boats, marine structures, etc.   Implemented advanced Mechanical CAE technologies at client sites.  Provided training & support in ANSYS and ProE as well as Unix and Windows OS.  Developed custom application software macros using ANSYS FEA to save time when performing repetitive tasks & analyses.   Advanced the engineering process of numerous clients and provided them with business advantages.  Worked with companies such as GE, Babcock & Wilcox, RF Microdevices, TycoElectronics, Raychem, Marley (cooling towers), Martin Marietta Composites, NCSU, Duke University, Lord Corporation, AAR Cargo Restraint Systems, and others.
Application Engineer/Consultant, Mallett ProE/ANSYS Reseller,  PA & RTP, NC   
Excelled at FEA and 3D CAD sales, consulting, support, and provided training to numerous companies and industries, including Westinghouse, TVA, Babcock & Wilcox, GE, Allied Signal, Rubbermaid, Duke Energy, Fasco, and Edward Valve.  Designed & analyzed numerous plastic and metallic components.  Was FEA Instructor at ANSYS Inc. on a continuous basis, teaching ProE 3D CAD and/or ANSYS.   Interfaced with software developers plus hundreds of companies. 
New Product Development Engineer/Analyst, Babcock & Wilcox,  Lynchburg, VA   
New Product Design, Analysis, and Development utilizing 3D CAD & finite element analysis (stress, thermal, electromagnetic, and design optimization).  Focused on the design and R&D of Advanced Technologies such as cryogenics, superconducting magnets, RF cavities, and composite supports.  Also contributed to proposals, tech transfer, and product development and testing.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


  • Poly(methylmethacrylate) Manufacturing Operations / Processes Consultants
  • Cell Phone Technologies Expert


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