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This expert has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Ball and Roller Bearing, Seal, Cam, Energy Storage, Tribology Expert Consultant Resume

This expert specializes in developing and commercializing patented solid-lubricated steel, hybrid-ceramic and all-ceramic ball and roller bearing hardware. In addition, this consultant develops flywheel energy storage systems (FESS), for which patented bearings are the primary enabling technology.

This expert assists plants in the solution of bearing, seal, cam, energy storage, and other lubrication and energy-conservation problems. Other capabilities include failure analysis and expert witness services.

Previous work includes bearings and seals for 57 years at Battelle and SKF since receiving an engineering degree from Rennselear Polytechnic Institute. Was the manager of research at SKF's Engineering and Research Center in King of Prussia, PA, which this expert helped design and build in 1963, as well as managed the computer-controlled test floor there. Designed, analyzed and tested all kinds of ball and roller bearings and seals, including the tapered-roller bearing pillow-blocks with seals.
The tests this expert supervised included Dana mud-bath tests for off-road vehicles where pillow-blocks were submerged in and out of mud and run in stop/start mode to prove the basic viability of the seals, as well as supersonic transport bearing and seal tests under NASA contract.
While at SKF, this expert visited their international center of seal research in Turin, Italy, called RIV, formerly owned by Fiat but purchased by SKF.
Has designed and successfully tested auto front-wheel hub bearings and seals for 300,000 miles life in passenger cars and currently designing seals based on the above principles for roller-blade/roller-board bearings for ultra-low friction and extended life in muddy street service, and use face-seal principles in other patented new product designs.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in bearing, seal, cam, energy storage, and other lubrication and energy-conservation solutions, failure analysis, expert testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.

CEO and Chief Technology Officer, tribology consulting firm

President, tribology consulting firm

Manager of Research, SKF Technology Services, Inc., Division of SKF Industries

Project Leader, Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH

This expert formed a tribology business as a component of a private consulting practice to concentrate on the development and commercialization of patented, maintenance-free, solid-lubricated, steel and ceramic rolling-bearing hardware and patented flywheel energy storage systems (FESS), for which his innovative bearings are the primary enabling technology. He has over fifty years of R&D experience in steel and ceramic bearings and their lubrication, several DOD/SBIR-funded research programs, and current FESS projects using patented solid-lubricated hybrid-ceramic bearings and patented innovative all-mechanical rotordynamics vibration control for industrial power and renewable-energy applications.

This consultant developed an award-winning X-ray lubricant-film-thickness measurement method as the first conclusive experimental verification of elastohydrodynamic (EHD) lubrication theory, and is a leading authority on EHD theory for rolling bearings, gears, cams and other concentrated-contact mechanical machine elements. His contributions have become an accepted part of standard bearing engineering practice.

He has developed unique proprietary patented solid-lubricated steel and ceramic bearings for critical applications such as nuclear reactors, turbomachinery and flywheels. Solid-lubricated bearings withstand extreme temperatures, loads and environments not possible with conventional oil and grease lubricated bearings. This consultant supplied the design and manufacture of solid-lubricated silicon-nitride ceramic-roller bearings for a dry-crankcase adiabatic diesel engine having significantly improved surface finish and integrity over previous prototypes for the crankshaft and piston pins. These ceramic roller bearings operated successfully in testing under high applied and inertial loading conditions.

This consultant also supplied complete solid-lubricated camshaft, pushrod and rocker arm bearings, all of which ran successfully for over a quarter million cycles. The wear rates of the solid-lubricated bearings were extremely low and demonstrated over 300,000 miles of dry-crankcase maintenance-free engine service life (no oil changes).

Similar patented bearings were successfully accelerated lab tested for petrochemical canned pumps and are now running successfully in service, as well as for numerous unmanned oil-less aerial vehicle turbine engine bearings and several models of FESS's, including a solar-charged FESS-powered electric golf cart, making it entirely independent of the polluting utilities and free of any environmentally damaging and occasionally explosive (from emitted hydrogen) electro-chemical batteries and thus completely green.

In addition, he has significantly extended the state-of-the-art of solid-lubricated steel and ceramic bearings in four critical areas: 1) advanced fully-dynamic analysis and partially-starved elastohydrodynamic-lubrication computer programs, 2) new solid lubricants, 3) a patented self-contained, internal, solid-lubricant-film replenishment system providing test-proven extremely-low bearing friction, 4) a temperature compensating bearing/shaft/housing mounting system for all-ceramic bearings and 5) a patented all-mechanical rotordynamics super-critical vibration isolation system.

This consultant has organized an interdisciplinary team to provide the materials, surface finishing, electronics, and bearing technology expertise needed to satisfy the most demanding bearing and FESS design requirements. His facilities include complete tribology test equipment and instrumentation located in a 2,000 square foot laboratory. Disciplines available include: high-speed rotating machinery and test-rig design, metallurgy, bearing manufacturing technology and planning. Other areas include quality control, metrology, instrumentation, computer controls, programming, and data acquisition. Supported computer languages include C, C++, Assembly, Java (J++), Visual Basic, Basic (enhanced and industrial), Forth, FoxPro, XBase, Smalltalk (including Smalltalk-Windows) and Lisp (AutoLisp and Common Lisp), and computer operating systems of MS DOS, UNIX, OS-9, DR DOS, PCMOS, Windows, Win95, X-Windows and POSIX standard.

Facilities Include

Computer Modeling Facilities, Machine Shop, Metallurgical Testing Laboratories, Physical Testing Laboratories, Chemical Testing Laboratories, Electronic Controller Development and Production, Technical Research Library

Key words and phrases related to this expert's capabilities include:

bearing failure analysis, high-speed rotor design, lubrication analysis, root cause determination, mechanical design, accident prevention, vibration control, extreme environments, solid lubrication, energy storage, motor control, electronic controllers, computer programming

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