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  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Plastics
  • Injection Molds
  • Medical Devices
  • Manufacturing

Graduated from California Polytechnic State University, B.S.M.E.

Senior Mechanical Engineer with 29 years experience in project management, product design, development, plastic part design, plastic tooling design, plastic process development and trouble-shooting, rapid prototyping and rapid tooling. Design of tight tolerance tooling, fixtures and equipment including complete injection molds. With vendors from around the world, the expert has the ability to save time and money on projects.
Hydraulics are used in many of this consultant's tooling designs to facilitate core pulls, fast action stack molds, coining molds and interlocks to exceed the clamp tonnage of the machine. Also designed a 12,000 psi accumulator; these designs require specialized fluids, to take the heat and pressure. This also requires new seal designs, which will handle the characteristics of these fluids. Many of the valve and seal designs were for the aerospace industry. Trouble-shooting hydraulics problems and visualizing in 3D allows this expert to quickly isolate problems.
This expert has worked in all industries, including medical device and disposables design and development.  Medical experience ranges from tiny Inter Ocular Lenses, needle-less injection sites, surgical tools, a centrifuge, and much more.
Design processes used injection molding, blow molding, insert molding, compression molding, coining, thermo-forming, roto-molding, and extrusions. Also experienced in labeling, decorating, heat staking, ultrasonic bonding, selective plating and more.
This consultant has used 3D modeling and SLA models since the first SLA machine was sold and used Finite Element Analysis to optimize designs for over 26 years. Manufacturing experience also includes many other types of processes such as,die casting, sand casting, stamping, sheet metal, turning, milling, grinding, E.D.M., laser cutting, to name a few.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Indianapolis, IN
Providing expertise in mechanical engineering to a wide variety of clients.
Engineering consultant, a major engineering firm
Specialized in plastic product design, accelerating the design through production cycle through the use of 3D-design, finite element analysis, rapid prototyping, and rapid tooling. Has well over 30,000 hours in 3D-design experience.
This consultant works on many projects, for many companies at a time, including many Fortune 500 companies as a plastics expert, usually referred by C.E.O.s of previous clients.  Listed below are a few of the longer-term, more pertinent projects:
Technical Consultant, Shamrock One Capital, LLC
They purchase companies and loan private funds, up to billions of dollars. As technical consultant, this expert is required to review the companies and give opinions on the merits of their products as well as their ability to pay back their loans.
Consultant, Bolt Lock Corporation
Designed, developed and produced a new product for the motorcycle industry, a lock to secure helmets jackets and accessories to a motorcycle. Also process development and optimization for all parts and processes used.
Consultant, Advanced Medical Optics
Brought back for a third project, asked to come up with a better way to manufacture their IOL products. Designed and had built some specialized equipment, including new molds. Made and tested all the new parts and equipment with excellent results.

Consultant, Advanced Medical Optics

Brought in as a plastics consultant to run a project. Designed parts, designed molds, had molds made, designed and had some equipment and fixtures made, then had plastic parts made.

Consultant, Genetronics, Inc.

Brought in as a plastics consultant Client was thinking about insert molding and this expert redesigned and over molded the part to allow for selective plating. Oversaw the mold build, debug, first article plastic then first article of the plated parts.
Consultant, Allergan Surgical
Brought in as a plastics consultant to help in different projects involved with the new concepts and production of their Inter Ocular Lenses.
Project Engineer, Kaiser Electroprecision Irvine, California
Design and analysis for new and existing products, valves, actuators and couplings, mostly for aircraft applications. I also acted as a liaison between customer and company and between Design engineering and manufacturing group.

Flight Controls and Structures Engineer, United Airlines
Design repairs for commercial aircraft flight controls and structural problems encountered during routine maintenance of the aircraft. Liaison between United and FAA. Write repair Specifications.

Consultant, Pullman Power Products – Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Avila Beach, CA.

Engineering Redliner Verification and documentation of as built designs, pipe hangers, etc.

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


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