Metallurgy, Heat Treating, Mechanical Engineering Technology Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of YII

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Metallurgy
  • Steel Making Facilities
  • Rolling Mill
  • Heat Treating

A.S.M.E. Degree, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Point Park College, Pittsburgh, PA

Courses in College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Economics, and English, University of Pittsburgh. Greensburg, PA

Over 48 years’ of experience in the engineering and construction field working primarily on industrial projects in the metal’s, bulk material handling, and related heavy industries.  Major responsibilities for the last 28 years have been at the senior management level, including the design, construction, and operations of new and modified steel making facilities.  Management positions have also included executive positions in operations and sales, in the engineering and design fields of consulting engineering organizations and operating steel facilities

  • Responsibilities have included heavy industrial projects involving Steel Making facilities that incorporated Electric Arc Furnaces, LMF’s, BOF’s, QBOP’s, VOD’s and AOD melting equipment. Vacuum Degassing equipment.
  • Billet, large square and round bloom’s, thin strip, CSP strip and thick slab continuous casting machines.
  • Rolling mill experience has included long products, hot rolled coil products, tube and pipe mill products, and plate in the steel and aluminum industries.
  • Finishing experience includes galvanizing, coating, batch anneal, tempering and pickling. Pipe Heat Treating (Austenitizing, Quench and Tempering Facilities), Hydrostatic Test Facilities.
  • Experience has included environmental (air and water), refractory, pulp and paper, cement, coal, coke and bulk material handling projects.
  • Sampling of other industrial projects
  • Pulp and Paper Production Facilities
  • Scrap Substitute Facilities, DRI, HBI, Iron Carbide
  • Non-Ferrous Foundry Facilities, Ferro Alloy, Copper, Aluminum
  • Resource Recovery Facilities, Zinc, NiCr

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Providing expertise in metallurgy to a wide variety of clients.
President, a metallurgy consulting firm, Hidden Valley, PA
Established a consulting engineering practice to assist clients in the development of new metals industry projects from green field facilities to plant modernizations and upgrades. Managing, coordinating and assisting a group of consulting specialist in the metals industry.
Recent projects have included evaluations of new pipe making facilities being installed in Kazakhstan. Evaluation of an existing ERW facility in the Ukraine for continued operation and production at the facility.
Modernization of an existing Electric Arc Furnace melt shop producing rounds for seamless pipe making. Able to increase production up to 5 TPH without major capital spending and with improved maintenance and operational practices.
Provided project and construction management and engineering assistance for the installation of a new OCTG Heat Treating Facility and Hydrostatic Test Facility valued at $28 million dollars for a major pipe producer in the United States. Work included the writing of equipment and construction specifications, obtaining pricing and preparing bid evaluations. Supervision of all construction and start-up.
Recently established a 1.2 million square feet steel distribution center in Ohio with custom plate rolling mill application valued at $25 million dollars. Rolling mill project is currently on hold awaiting funding for the project. Equipment installation in this facility included the relocation and installation of a 2000 ton double gantry plate press, a car bottom heat treat furnace for up to 10’ X 20’ plate, a small parts car bottom heat treating furnace, quench and temper tanks for both furnaces including agitator mixers for the use of polymers. Other project’s included custom plate burning equipment, milling machines, table grinders, relocation and rebuild of overhead cranes.
Currently working as the engineering and construction manager for the construction of a new wind tower fabrication facility being constructed in Monroe, MI. The facility is a state of the art facility using the latest technology for the production of up to 250 towers per year assembled up to 80 to 100 meters in length. The 115,000 sq. ft. facility is being constructed on a brown field site requiring special considerations for the environmental and soil conditions resulting from its original use as an industrial dump site. The project is valued at approximately $20 million dollars. Work included the writing of equipment and construction specifications, obtaining pricing and preparing bid evaluations. Supervision of all construction and start-up.
Other projects have included the preliminary study for a 500,000 MT per year, long products melting and rolling mill facility to be built in Russia. Travel to China assisting a major engineering / construction management company as their metals specialist on a new $1.4 Billion Dollar melt shop, pipe rolling mill and heat treatment facility to be built in the United States.
The design and recommendations for new ladle desulphurization stations being installed in India, Ukraine and Russia.  
Metals Focus Industry Director, Lockwood Greene, Wexford, PA
Responsible for all metals business plans for the corporation.  This included the sales responsibility of three major offices within Lockwood Greene experienced in metal production facilities. Developed working relationships with the major integrated and mini-mills producer’s within the United States and overseas. Also established relationships with major ore suppliers, equipment providers, and contractors worldwide.
Had extensive experience working with a major ore supplier from Brazil providing services which included due diligence services for major acquisitions of existing steel operations in the United States.
Additional work included providing preliminary engineering services on a number of steel projects to be developed in Brazil including integrated steel making facilities and DRI  facilities’ with electric furnace and continuous caster operations for the production of slab products to be sold offshore or further processing in Brazil.
President and Metals Focus Industry Director, Centerline Engineering / Lockwood Greene, Wexford, PA
Responsible for day to day operation of engineering company devoted to the design and construction of steel, aluminum and general manufacturing facilities.  Responsibilities included overseeing upwards of 150 employees and leading the business development and sales efforts of the company.  During this period, sales increased from $7 to $9 million dollars per year to approximately $30 million per year. Established a plan in diversifying the company into the design and construction of eight synthetic coal recovery projects each valued at $5.5 million dollars each.
Centerline Engineering Corporation, Wexford, PA
Became a 25% owner and assumed role of President.  Established the overall direction and management of the corporate goals and directives along with the responsibility for the strategic, business, and profit planning. Reported to the Chief Executive officer and Board of Directors. Was instrumental in the sale of the company to Lockwood Greene to allow the growth of the company.
Vice President – Projects and Business Development
Primary responsibly was the management of the project managers supervising the daily engineering and design of new and modified industrial facilities. These projects included the metals, chemical, power, and food industry.
Vice President,Advanced Production Technology, a Thomas Steel Corporation Subsidiary, New Kensington, PA
Responsible for the facility engineering and construction projects of an equipment manufacturer.  Work included the installation and start-up of the complete revamp of two electric arc furnaces for Thomas Steel Corporation, Lemont, IL. in record time with minimum downtime and interference to existing operations.  Also responsible for the sales, marketing, and management of construction management services for the restart of an Electric Arc Furnace / Slab Caster for CitiSteel, Claymont, DE, and the installation of a new slitting line facility in St. Louis, MO.  Conducted numerous feasibility studies, including melt shop upgrades, arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, continuous casting machines, and rolling mills.
Manager of Engineering / Project Manager, North Star Steel, Youngstown, OH
Functioned as Manager of Engineering and Project Manager for the revamp for the melt shop and pipe mill facilities.  Modified the continuous caster for production of 8” x 8”, 9-1/2” x 6”, and 12-1/2” x 7” blooms, and 8-3/4” and 11-3/4” diameter round billets, including the installation of billet handling facilities, upgrading of pollution control equipment and utility systems.
The project also included the installation of an INNSE MPM Pipe Mill and Italimpianti Reheat Furnace for the production of OCTG Pipe (5-1/2” through 9-5/8” diameter) 360,000 TPY capacity.  This phase of the project included a revamp of existing handling equipment and a new shipping facility.
Also responsible for the engineering and construction of a new $12.5 million dollar OCTG Heat Treat facility in Houston, TX.
Hunt Energy Company, Youngstown, OH
Responsible for the operation and sale of facility to North Star Steel.  Coordinated activities through bankruptcy court proceedings.  Responsible for total operation and reorganization of the 360,000 TPY pipe making mini-mill.  Additional responsibilities included development work, equipment selection, cost estimates for revamping pipe making and upgrading of steel making facilities, investigating possible restart as billet producing facility, analysis of operating costs, and preservation of assets.
Vice President – Reporting to President and Chairman of the Board
Responsible for start-up, training, and operations of a 405,000 TPY steel making operation including two 19’-0 diameter UHP electric arc furnace, a ladle treatment facility with lance injection techniques for sulfur control, and lance design for reliability and lowest cost per ton.  The melt shop and pipe mill were taken from conception to start-up in sixteen months.
Pennsylvania Engineering Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA
Manager of Engineering – Electric Furnace Facilities
Responsible for the design and engineering of electric furnace mini-mill facilities, including the sizing and selection of process equipment and plant layouts.  Developed sales contracts, contracts, and facility budgets.  Extensive travel to Mexico, South America, and Europe.
Manager – Planning
Developed conceptual layouts in the proposal and early phases of established contracts.  Responsible for project engineering and coordination of technical service and design engineering groups in the selection of steel making equipment for the steel industry.  This included the development of system designs for material handling, fume collection, and water treatment facilities.
Manager – Process Engineering
Supervision of ten (10) Engineers and twenty (20) Draftspersons, Checkers, and Designers for the selection of steel making equipment for the steel industry.  This included the development of system designs for material handling, fume collection, and water treatment facilities. Functioned as Project Engineer of a $22,000,000 Metallic Waste Reclamation Facility.
Project Coordinator
Development of process requirements and equipment leading to the establishment of plant layouts.  Coordinated studies and proposals through the design disciplines for the development of the necessary civil / structural, piping, electrical, and auxiliary systems through the estimating phase and final write-up presentation to customers.
Senior Mechanical Designer, Master Engineers, Pittsburgh, PA
Designed and selected mechanical equipment and material handling systems.
Project Engineer – Refractory Division, H.K. Porter Company, Pittsburgh, PA
Responsible for maintaining plant operations, and the installation of new systems for material handling equipment, dust collection systems, and fuel systems.
Designer – Ceramics Division, Swindell – Dressler Company, Pittsburgh, PA
Responsible for the design of material handling systems in refractory plants and coordination of proposals for plant facilities and expansions.
The Rust Engineering Company, Pittsburgh, PA
Material Handling Designer
Major responsibilities included the sizing of screw and belt conveyors, bucket elevators, dust handling systems, pneumatic handling systems and miscellaneous conveyor systems.
Also responsible for writing specifications, bid comparisons, and recommendation of equipment purchases.  Worked with project and staff engineers to coordinate plant and equipment construction, supervise draftspersons, and check equipment drawings. Worked with customers to meet plant process requirements; handling materials from raw materials stage through the finish product stage.
Material Handling Draftsman
Assisted squad leader in the plant layout of material handling systems for paper mills and steel mills.  Made equipment and layout drawings of conveyors and machinery for plant installation.

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