Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulics, Accident Investigation Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of ZIH

  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Design
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Mechanical Engineering                                                                  
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Accident Investigation

BS Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University

MS Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

This expert has over 40 years of mechanical engineering experience, specifically in the manufacturing industry.  This experience includes design, fabrication, and operation of tow trucks, car carriers, construction equipment, clamshells, grapples, automotive lifts, trash trucks, telescopic handlers, and loaders.  As owner and principal investigator, this expert is a highly skilled forensic engineering analysis expert in accident investigations and has also analyzed and solved numerous mechanical  design failures, particularly related to hydraulics.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Indianapolis, IN
Providing expertise in mechanical engineering and accident investigation to a wide variety of clients.
Consulting Experience
Owner and principal investigator of consulting engineering firm. 
  • Recycling Baler Performance.  Analysis of the causes of hydraulic performance problems, including overheating and pump damage, for a machine that compacts waste materials for recycling.
  •  Lift Gate Accident.  Forensic engineering analysis of the causes of an injury accident involving a hydraulic lift gate on a cargo van. 
  • Auto Lift Accident (Several).  Analysis of the design and installation of both above-ground and in ground auto lifts which were involved in injuries or damage to vehicles.  Accidents occurred when the lifts fell or tilted in such a way that the vehicle being serviced fell and caused, in many cases, severe injury and damage. 
  • Load Spreaders (Several).  Designed lifting devices to be used by crane operators for loading heavy cargo (up to 60,000 lb) onto cargo ships at LA harbor.  All devices were designed in conformance with ANSI Standard No. 30.20 and ANSI/ASME BTH-1-2008  for lifting devices.
  • Scissor Lift Accident.  Inspection of a the condition of a manned scissor lift which toppled and killed a worker operating the lift at a construction site.
  • Hydraulic Clamshell.   Designed a 5/8 cubic yard hydraulic clamshell for moving fill dirt at a construction site by means of a mobile crane.
  • Trash Truck System Overheating.  Analysis of overheating problems resulting from the poor design of trash compactor truck bodies.  The analysis included the development of a finite-difference thermal model of the compactor truck which accurately predicted the hydraulic fluid temperature variation through a daily cycle due to hydraulic heating and meteorological and solar effects. 
  • Tow Truck Injury.  Analysis of trajectory and expert testimony in a case involving a customer of a towing company who was injured when a mechanism on the tow truck failed.  Analyzed the trajectory of a part thrown from the tow truck and provided testimony regarding tow truck design, operation, and safety for deposition and for the subsequent trial.
  • Hydraulic Rock Saw Prototype Development Analysis.  Provided expert testimony at trial in a case involving a contract dispute over development of a prototype hydraulic-powered saw for cutting thin veneer rock at quarries.  Testimony required the expert's experience in prototype design and development and contract experience as a business owner.
  • Trash Truck Worker Injury.  Provided expert analysis of the causes of injury to a trash truck operator when a wire rope system entangled and injured the operator’s hand.  The analysis utilized the experience and knowledge of hydraulic and hydro mechanical systems and industrial truck body design.
  •  Hydraulic Elevator Performance.  Provided analysis of a hydraulically powered elevator at a multistory condominium facility on the  California coast in support of the manufacturer.  The case involved claims against the design and performance of the elevator system.
  • Forestry Mower Performance.  Analysis of the load induced on the prime mover engine by the hydraulic system for a compact track loader with a forestry mowing attachment used to cut and clear brush.  The work included measurement of system pressures developed and calculation of the power demand of the hydraulic system used to power the attachment.
  • Telescopic Handler (Rough Terrain Forklift) Injury.  In a case involving the death of an observer of an offloading operation at a construction site, provided analysis of the design and assembly of the four-axis controller used on the telescopic handler for the hydraulic system powering the boom.
  • Parking Lift Accident.  Analysis of the probable causes of an accident in which a hydraulic parking lift fell on the lift operator. 
  • Rolloff Trash Truck Installation.  Provided technical assistance to the purchasers of a rolloff trash truck body which was not installed properly.
  • Pipeline Padder Accident.  Analysis of the design of a machine used to pad pipelines with small diameter fill material during pipeline construction projects.  The padding machine was involved in an injury to a construction worker when part of the machine fell from its stored position and struck him. 
  • Towing Accident.  A heavy duty tow truck being used to tow a concrete pumper truck went out of control and damaged the towed vehicle.  Provided analysis of the load interaction on the stability of the tow truck.
  • Car Carrier Traffic Accident.  Provided expert assistance to the insurer of a towing company whose car carrier was involved in a traffic accident in which a passenger in a car was killed. 
  • Car Hauler Accident.  The operator of a covered tractor-trailer with hydraulically actuated lifts for hauling cars was killed when the loading ramp system fell and struck him.  Provided expert assistance in analyzing the hydraulic system for the trailer and identifying the cause of the accident.
  • Floor Jack Accident.  An injury occurred during repair work on a vehicle supported by a floor jack.  Provided expert assistance in determining the causes of the accident. 
  • Compact Loader Accident.  An injury occurred when repair work was being performed on a hydraulically actuated compact loader.  Analyzed the cause of the accident.
  • Hydraulic Lift Table Accident.  A repair technician was seriously injured while repairing a table lift in a manufacturing plant and the hydraulic velocity fuse for the lift fractured.  
Manufacturing Experience
Co-owner of manufacturing company. Personally designed and supervised fabrication of all products.
  • Tow Trucks.   A product line of tow truck bodies and towing accessories.  Company provided complete service in manufacturing and installing the bodies on chassis-cabs, servicing and repairing tow trucks and car carriers.
  • Clamp Buckets.  Buckets for wheel loaders for handling straw, trees, and green waste.  Clamps were hydraulically actuated and used for retaining materials in bucket while loading trailers.
  • Rock Tongs. 20,000-pound cable-actuated tongs for allowing cranes to move rocks weighing up to 45 tons for harbor construction.
  • Scrap Grapples. Hydraulically actuated two jaw grapples for moving metallic and nonmetallic scrap with excavators.
  • Swivel Buckets. Buckets for cleaning agricultural ditches with integral hydraulic mechanisms for varying the angle the bucket makes with the ground.
  • Excavator and Loader Buckets.  Various straight and V shaped buckets for excavators and wheel loaders.
  • Self-loading Cross Arm.  This is a device which allows a tow truck operator to attach and lift a vehicle hydraulically from a remote position and is one of the few such devices successfully in use. 
  • Ground Level Loader.  This is a car carrier which has a bed that lowers to a completely horizontal position on  the ground and is used for loading and carrying vehicles with extremely low ground clearances.
  • Motorcycle Carrier Wheel Lifts.  This device allows the tow truck operator to easily carry motorcycles on any common brand of wheel lift tow truck.  It is easily stored and easily deployed and allows the motorcycle to be securely carried in a manner consistent with the requirements for California Highway Patrol contract towing companies.
 Chief Engineer, Benwil Lifts, Inc
Company manufactured automobile lifts.  Responsibilities and special projects were:
  •  CAD System Implementation.   Implemented the use of Solid Works solid modeling software for design and configuration control. 
  • Lift Certification.  Pretested and coordinated the third-party testing of Benwil two post above ground lifts for certification by ALI, the auto lift trade organization, according to the ANSI/ALI ALCTV 1998, the CSA 68, and UL standards for design and operation of automotive lifts.
  • In-ground Lift Retrofit.  Diagnosed a chronic chattering problem with in-ground lifts, redesigned the lifts to correct for the problem, and designed retrofit kits for correcting lifts in the field.
  • Lift Redesign.  Responsible for design improvements for the Benwil product line.  All changes were made with Solid Works solid modeling software.  Stress analysis was carried out using both manual methods and COSMOS Works FEA software.
 Engineer and Engineering Manager, TRW Inc., Redondo Beach, CA
  •  Mirror Fusion Manufacturing.  Responsible for the $1.5 Million mechanical fabrication package for Mirror Fusion Technology Facility-B Project, in which five ten-foot diameter vacuum chambers were built for conditioning neutral particle beams prior to entry into a nuclear plasma.
  • Isotope Separation.  Responsible for fabrication of a vacuum chamber and peripheral hardware for a Special Isotope Separation unit for Los Alamos National Lab.
  • Superconducting Electron Beam.  Responsible for mechanical fabrication for the CEBAF project which involves a superconducting chamber for electron beam acceleration.  This project required die forming, machining, electron beam welding, and acid etching of niobium.
  • Offshore Platform.  Project Manager for a $1.4 Million study to determine the structural integrity and effects of environmental loads on a drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico.  Subcontractors were used for NASTRAN analysis of the platform structure and for onsite structural and environmental inspection and sampling both above and below the water line.  Analyzed test and inspection data to recommend use of the platform as a site for hazardous waste incineration.

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