Automotive Electronics, Expert Consultant
Resume of Dick Carter Recruitment Officer

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This expert attended the Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN and earned a B.S. in Physics from that university.

This expert has been involved in many GM and Delco Electronics training programs, such as: Electronics, Mechanics, Management, Quality, Planning, Personnel Management, Safety, Regulatory Programs.

Automotive Electronics, Expert Consultant

This expert is highly experienced and specializes in the management of multi-disciplined product design and development teams, advanced technology development and migration teams, specification negotiation, design for reliability, design for manufacturing, and the design of reliable electronics packaging used in harsh environments.

This expert is also highly experienced in areas including environmental testing, electronics manufacturing, failure analysis, failure physics, HALT – Highly Accelerated Life Testing, and HAST – Highly Accelerated Stress Testing. Other specialty areas of electronics packaging expertise include: harsh environment packaging for: electric vehicle power controllers, automotive ignition, pressure sensors, position sensors, electronic spark control, power transistors, mass airflow sensors, voltage regulators, automotive computers, hybrid circuits, integrated circuits, and power electronics.

Recruitment Officer, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc., May 2002 – Present
Providing technical mentoring, project management, electrical and electronics engineering consulting, management of product design and development, through development of multi-disciplined teams focused on maximizing profitability and growth for a wide variety of clients.

Engineering Consultant, Wabash Technologies, Huntington, IN, September 2005 – May 2006
Provided value engineering, engineering design analysis, product and process design alternatives, process flow analysis, business planning, customer specifications analysis and negotiation, product costing and allocations.

Engineering Manager, Wabash Technologies, Huntington, IN, August 2000 – September 2001

Managed the rebuilding of a Position Sensors Engineering Department and the transfer of the design location from Ontario, California to Huntington, IN.


Program Manager, Delco Electronics Corporation, Kokomo, IN, October 1996 – June 1998

Managed the development and implementation of the electronic glow plug controller module for 1999 model year production.  Required for sale of medium duty trucks in California (CARB – California Air Resources Board). Also, managed the development of new electronic product concepts for the sensors and power modules business unit as required by the business planning process. (High efficiency pulse width modulated motor controller, ion sense ignition modules, higher energy ignition modules, etc.)


Manager, Technology Planning, Delco Electronics Corporation, Kokomo, IN, October 1992 – October 1996

Managed electronics products and processing technology concept development with technology development groups and individuals. Developed a comprehensive technology plan for the future business needs.


Manager, Technology Development, Delco Electronics Corporation, Kokomo, IN, May 1981 – October 1992

Managed product development and implementation – hybrid microelectronics programs (distributor and direct ignition, pressure sensor, mass air flow, electronic spark control, voltage regulator, hybrid engine controller module – ECM, electric vehicle power switches)


Project Engineer, Supervisor, Delco Electronics Corporation, Kokomo, IN, February 1958 – May 1981

Supervised the development and production implementation of solar cells, automotive voltage regulators, germanium & silicon transistors, monolithic bridge audio amplifier IC (Integrated Circuit) processes, packaging for ICs, hybrid thick film electronics processes, high voltage transistors for use in television and automotive ignition systems and the electronic spark control module (engine knock control).




This expert holds a patent for Mesa Type Semiconductor Device.

This expert has authored a publication related to High Temperature Electronics.

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