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  • Aerospace
  • Defense Industries
  • Technology Production
  • Computer Software
  • Algorithms

Bachelor of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Recently Co-founder and former Chief Technical Officer at Everbread Ltd. this consultant is a business and product focused technologist whose career began in the defense and aerospace industries developing real-time embedded systems with safety critical requirements and very narrow performance tolerances. The consultant is a senior architect, lead developer, and technical manager on integrated system programs composed of teams in excess of hundreds of engineers. Launched a tech consulting company in 2004 focusing on large data-set and integration domains. With over 19 years of serious experience as a developer, manager and executive, this expert has impeccable credentials in technical innovation and team accomplishments. A radical problem solver with enough experience to remain always practical. Loves tech products, Big Data, software, the web, & understands customer value.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates, Inc.

Providing expert physics, technology, product development, program management, and lean processing consulting services to a wide variety of clients.

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer, Everbread Limited

Fast growing start-up, conceived to deliver Hi Performance, highly accurate reliable travel search technology. Using innovative algorithms, rock-star team, and novel technical architecture, Everbread has produced the Travel Flight Shopping engine to beat them all. Partnered with a dynamic and passionate executive team, this expert’s role has extended far beyond normal technical management duties and has led the company side by side with its founders into exciting and successful new territory. Took 8 developers, put them up in a Villa in Mallorca and worked day & night for 6 months to develop a working product. Two months later, had signed customers, and was placed on Google’s map of the competition. Responsible for building the product, and the entire tech organization, which was 90% of the company. When this expert left, Everbread had multiple rounds of funding, strong revenue, and 48+ employees.

Manager of Business Integration, Hello Group

Leveraging business and technical skills, responsible for whipping the tech production team into shape with re-architected, simple company workflows and process to support Agile, SCRUM and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principles. Initial assignment was to integrate core company processes across the board: accounts, creative, IA, management, and tech. Hello’s domain space is online marketing and digital creative. On the business side, handled several major rescue efforts to help qualified teams in need of a little light to find the way to the finish line. Most significantly, was given the Account Director position for the company’s largest account (Financial Sector) due to its diverse complexity and size. A tremendously fun assignment handling a dozen high priority large scale challenges building slick web applications with a highly motivated and talented team of people.

Account Director, Saxo Bank A/S

Assigned as Account Director for Hello Group managing a team of 15 people and 4-8 large web/online marketing projects. Built company’s entire web presence in less than 4 months. Extremely challenging deadlines and obstacles overcome by working closely with the client and understanding their core needs and primary goals while maintaining clarity and focus for a talented team.

Chief Executive Officer, & CTO, Ignite Analytics Corporation

Ignite was a self funded start up that played a major role in the US Army’s Future Combat Systems program. After the first year, created a second company called Focus Plus that built a Medical Informatics product placed in several Top Emergency rooms in the US. Ignite went from 2 employees to 14 all based on consulting and product development work. Ignite supported multiple clients with executive technical expertise and leadership in a broad variety of technical business domains. Ignite was repeatedly recognized by Army program managers and clients for innovative, solid, thorough, and complete performance.

Areas of Expertise(Ignite) include Executive Project Strategy, Program Leadership, System Modeling, Scalability, IT Process, Collaborative Filtering and Integration activities.

Hi tech domains: Real-Time transactions, Complex Systems Requirements Analysis, Architecture & Frameworks, SOA, UML processes and software implementation (C++, Java).

Web Specific: Multi-Variant and A/B testing, Analytics, PHP, Mysql, Perl, Javascript, CSS, XHTML, XML, Open Source, Adobe Flex/Flash, SEO, Mash-ups, Ajax, ASP.NET, .NET Server Framework, Scalability Analysis. Process: RUP, Model Driven Architecture, Lean Process Management, Value Chain Analysis, Agile Process, Scrum, Iterative development, Continuous Integration, Milestone/Metrics management, Wikis, Enterprise File/Application Server Architecture, Efficiency Analysis.

User Focus: Product Development, User Needs Analysis, Informal Information Architecture (does not include wire-framing), Community Building applications, product orientation towards relevant content and application interaction. Quality Assurance: Test Planning, Automated Web Test Frameworks, Contingency planning, recovery modeling, Risk Analysis, Strategic Risk Mitigation planning..

Lean Process Analyst, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Worked as a contract consultant analyzing Lean Process for the 777 Functional Test and Assembly group. Developed strategic plans for process improvements using wiki technologies and process enablers for automated scheduling and test management to assist in reducing flow for final assembly to 3 days after implementation of the “moving line”.

Principal Analyst / System Architect, General Dynamics Land Systems

General Dynamics was a client of Ignite’s on the Future Combat Systems program. As a principal analysis team, provided strategic support for program management, technical guidance for engineering process, and technical deliverables. In addition, Ignite’s team, led by this expert, developed a significant proportion of the System Model Use Cases for the General Dynamics Common Land Vehicle architectures.

Software Architect, The Boeing Company

As a consultant, performed duties as Datalinks (Comm Systems) system analyst, worked as software architect for an Air Traffic Management program, provided Architecture and Infrastructure experience to a small software group developing a cutting edge Service Oriented Architecture adaptable platform for Datalinks.

System Architect / Software Lead, Northrop Grumman

Led Project Team to first prototype on Ground Control Station for Fire Scout program. Recognized specifically by the US Navy’s program office in a letter to the Northrop Grumman Company as being responsible for helping the company “turn a corner” in their progress. Managed a team of 9 software developers and system analysts to build prototype Ground Control Station for Unmanned “Fire Scout” program. Implemented an early proto version of a wireless messaging architecture that is in use today know as RF-IP.

System Engineer / Software Architect, Raytheon Missile Systems

Worked on 3 different programs for Raytheon, hired-in to do missile system guidance algorithms; started designing the software guidance system of the 1995 Block IV Tomahawk Cruise Missile. Later, built an RF targeting simulation for the AMRAAM air-to-air combat missile. First entry-level management position was as a consultant responsible for the software elements of the Flight Test team on the National Missile Defense program at Raytheon. Managed development teams for Kill Vehicle and Launch Vehicle simulator systems (Hardware in the Loop). Served as Integration specialist and assistant Flight Test Director for operations at Missile Integration facility. Participated as assistant Flight Test Director in the first successful launch of an exo-atmospheric interceptor. Launched a missile into space!

Software Developer, Allied Signal Systems

Worked on small team of software developers for an engine control program for Fighter Jet Trainers.

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