Food Safety Expert Consultant, HACCP Specialist Resume
Resume of HMJ Consultant

  • Food Safety
  • Food Technology
  • Quality,
  • Sanitation
  • Training
  • Regulatory Compliance

This expert attended the University of Massachusetts and received a M.S. in Food Technology.

This expert attended the University of Massachusetts and received a B.S. in Restaurant and Hotel Management.

This expert completed numerous industry and university courses including :

  • Thermal Process Determination
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Design of Experiments
  • Sanitation and Pest Control (Licensed in Maine for 20 years)
  • Warehouse Sanitation
  • Quality Auditing
  • Team Building
  • Accounting
  • Public Speaking

Food Safety Expert Consultant, HACCP Specialist Resume

This expert specializes in food safety, HACCP, HACCP training, planning and consulting. This expert also has experience in hazard analysis, food science, food technology, and food quality assurance and quality control.

This consultant is experienced in HACCP-specific training, chemical safety, good manufacturing practices GMP for safe food handling, and warehouse sanitation. Pathogens control and allergen control are other areas of this consultant’s expertise.

Additional areas of related knowledge for this consultant include food poisoning, food microbiology, food pathogens, and food toxins. This expert has experience in food safety and quality audits, canned foods, acidified foods, and low-acid foods. Other areas of this consultant’s expertise include food plant sanitation, pest control, food safety training, and GMP training.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in food safety, HACCP, HACCP training, planning and consulting, hazard analysis, food science, food technology, food quality assurance and quality control, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Food Safety Consultant

HACCP: Specialized in the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), working with both large and small companies to train personnel in HACCP techniques, audit existing systems for adequacy and regulatory compliance, and develop customized programs for clients’ production lines. The goal of HACCP is the prevention of food hazards such as contamination with pathogenic microorganisms, harmful foreign materials or chemicals. One of the key elements is performing a hazard analysis, requiring expert knowledge of food safety hazards such as the growth requirements of pathogens in specific foods. Training: In addition to HACCP-specific training, this consultant has developed and delivered customized training to client companies in the following subjects: Good manufacturing practices (principles and legal requirements for safe food handling) Chemical safety (OSHA “Right to Know” law) Warehouse sanitation and safe practices for the handling and storage of food Allergen control Control of blood borne pathogens “Working with USDA” – A novel program developed for a client who was new to meat processing. This presented a history of the meat inspection regulations and presented do’s and don’ts for employees who had not previously worked under continuous government inspection. In addition, this consultant has taught at FDA-approved “Better Process Control” training courses at the University of Maine approximately every other year. These courses are aimed at food industry supervisors and operators responsible for the safety of low-acid canned foods and acidified foods. Auditing: This consultant has served as the internal quality auditor for a $400 million packaged foods company that has five plants and three distribution centers. Developed a detailed audit process that meets or exceeds all of the requirements of the major food industry auditing firms, including AIB, Silliker and Cook & Thurber, and performed a minimum of one annual audit per location. Preparation for auditing comes from achieving the designation of certified quality auditor and HACCP auditor from the American Society for Quality (ASQ) plus 28 years of being on the receiving end of food safety audits. Has performed audits for other food companies including a chain of over 40 ice cream and snack restaurants in New England. Technical Services: Has assisted client companies in solving special problems related to food safety or food technology. Some examples include: Designed and conducted a test program to evaluate the efficacy of using lactates to suppress the growth of Listeria in a refrigerated meat spread. Solved a client’s problem with fermentation of bottled marinades by recommending a mild pasteurization step prior to filling. Designed a program to monitor and control pesticide residues in imported ingredients. Investigated a co-packer of canned chilies for a major food company to identify and correct a cause of low level spoilage cause by defective can seams. Also identified deficiencies in their forms control and record keeping processes that could have led to serious food safety issues. Advised a client company on regulatory requirements related to the startup of a new food manufacturing business. Helped a small seafood processor set up a new plant quality system. Developed and wrote new food safety programs for a manufacturer of pickles and other acidified foods. A major customer of this processor demanded these programs as a prerequisite for doing business. Among the programs produced were allergen control, pest control, change management, inspection of carriers, good maintenance practices, raw material control and trace/recall. Other Consulting Services: Has served on two expert panels to provide input to FDA. One was involved with FDA’s planning to modernize the food industry GMP’s. The other is providing input to FDA on the subject of Food Defense (how to best utilize resources to prevent terrorist attacks on our food supply).


Quality Assurance and R&D Manager, Burnham and Morrill Co., Portland, ME (Manufacturer of B&M Baked Beans)

Parent companies have been B&G Foods, The Pillsbury Company, Pet, Inc., and The Wm. Underwood Company. Developed all specifications for purchased ingredients and food packaging materials, as well as procedures for incoming inspection to ensure compliance. Developed several new and successful “line extensions” for B&M. Created a comprehensive manual of Quality Systems, including all training documents and forms used to ensure quality at key points in the production process. Managed the consumer relations function and developed a consumer response management system using an Access database to automate many of the routine tasks involving form letters and reports. Acquired training in design of experiments, statistical process control and sampling methods that were used to good advantage in several R&D and process improvement projects. Some of these projects involved quality improvement while others involved cost reduction. Led numerous project and quality improvement teams, as well as a product security team (food defense). Skilled in team problem solving methods such as brainstorming, cause-and-effect analysis, flow charting and others. Performed regular audits of our facility as well as those of outside vendors to ensure compliance with our specifications and FDA regulations. Developed a high skill level with computer software, including MS Word, Excel, Access and Adobe Photoshop. Have used Excel to do regression analysis and tests for significance. Have developed customized Access databases to track incoming raw material inspections, rejections, consumer complaints and nonconforming products.


Quality Control Analyst, Armour and Company, Boston, MA

Performed laboratory tests of processed meat products and microbiological tests for sanitation.


US Peace Corps Volunteer, Brazil

Worked with agricultural cooperatives to help improve the lives of small tobacco and orange farmers. Taught high school and night school English.

Listeria Monocytogenes Growth Suppression
Investigation of Spoilage Problem in Canned Vegetables
Food Safety Programs For A Food Processor

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