Epidemiologist, Infectious Disease, Risk Assessment Expert Consultant Resume
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This expert has a Ph.D. in Health Sciences from TUI University.

This expert has an M.P.H. in Population and Family Health from Columbia University.

This expert attended the University of California at Berkeley and received a B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science.

Epidemiologist, Infectious Disease, Risk Assessment Expert Consultant Resume

This associate is an expert in epidemiologic methodology and analysis, transmission of infectious diseases, outbreak investigation, and surveillance procedures. Additional expertise includes emergency & disaster management and issues of terrorism.

This expert has extensive knowledge regarding foodborne illness outbreaks at restaurants, foodborne disease, environmental health, and disease control. Additional specializations include lyme disease, encephalitis, viral meningitis, and shigellosis. This expert also has experience with salmonella, escherichia, restaurant inspection, and housing program.

Other areas of specialty this expert has experience include AIDS prevention, cholera, viral gastroenteritis, and salmonella poona outbreak associated with exposure to iguanas. More specific specializations include epidemiologic investigation of meningococcal disease, hepatitis B virus transmission associated with thoracic surgery, and E Coli, and smoking cessation program design.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in epidemiology, research science, foodborne disease outbreak, infectious disease, international health, risk assessment and mitigation consulting, epidemiology application design, expert witness testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Senior Epidemiology Consultant, health science consulting firm

Provided consultation on epidemiologic methodology and analysis, transmission of infectious diseases, and outbreak investigation and surveillance procedures. Expert witness for a high profile hepatitis A outbreak involving 650 cases at a restaurant. Provided consultation to client attorney regarding the source of the outbreak.


Assistant Professor of Health Sciences, College of Health Sciences, a major university

Conducted online lectures and discussions for doctoral level research seminar course. Advised doctoral students regarding research design, methodology, and analysis. Also designed and taught courses in epidemiology, emergency & disaster management, issues of terrorism, and culminating project courses for graduate and undergraduate students. Developed and updated course CDs using MS FrontPage. Participated on dissertation committees and curriculum evaluation committees.


Epidemiologist / Chief of MIS-Informatics Unit, Environmental Health, Los Angeles County Dept. of Health Services

Supervised 20 staff within the MIS-Informatics Unit, including Environmental Health Specialists, Information Systems Analysts, and Data Entry Clerks. Provided technical guidance to staff on data queries and analysis of inspection data for management, the media, and the public. Also advised Information Systems Analysts on the design and development of database applications, automation for improving efficiency in data analysis, and on technical support issues. Managed the hiring of new staff within the unit. Conducted epidemiological analysis of restaurant inspection and housing program and provided recommendations to senior management. Provided consultation to department staff regarding epidemiologic research methodology, sample size, and design. Also attended meetings with the Director of Public Health & Health Officer for Los Angeles County to advise executive management on data analysis results for distribution of inspection scores among food establishments. Developed an award-winning database application that advises inspectors regarding the validity, etiology, and probable source of a foodborne illness complaint. This application was developed using MS Access and Visual Basic. Also developed intranet site to automate notification of possible foodborne outbreaks. Managed the development of rich text format reports and data mapping conversion for the EDAPTS (electronic Development and Permit Tracking System), which is a multidepartmental web-based Oracle database application for tracking permits, inspections, complaints, and land use data. Collaborated in writing a Vibrio vulnificus position paper for the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health to influence policymakers and present recommendations for preventing Vibrio vulnificus deaths in Los Angeles County, which led to an immediate change in policy. Collaborated in writing the Foodborne Illness Investigation Reference Manual.


Epidemiology Analyst, Acute Communicable Disease Control, Los Angeles County Dept. of Health Services

Designed, conducted, and analyzed epidemiological surveys and investigations of epidemics to determine the pattern of disease in the community. Managed surveillance for shigellosis, campylobacteriosis, and vectorborne diseases. Provided consultation to physicians, nurses, and the public regarding disease control. Interviewed on-camera about AIDS prevention for a video production. Investigated over 60 outbreaks of communicable disease, including Cholera Associated with an International Airline Flight, Viral Gastroenteritis Outbreak Aboard a Cruise Ship, Salmonella Poona Outbreak Associated with Exposure to Iguanas, Epidemiologic Investigation of Meningococcal Disease in Los Angeles County, Hepatitis B Virus Transmission Associated With Thoracic Surgery, E Coli O157:H7 Outbreak in Los Angeles County.


Consultant, American Lung Association, Los Angeles County

Provided consultation for the African American and Asian Pacific Islander Smoking Cessation Project; reviewed participant evaluations and made recommendations for the modification of the program curriculum that was copyrighted and published by the American Lung Association. Also wrote recommendations for future activities for a grant proposal.


Project Manager, American Lung Association, Los Angeles County

Designed, implemented, and evaluated smoking cessation programs for African American and Asian Pacific teens. Conducted monthly advisory committee meetings.


Graduate Research Assistant, School of Public Health, Columbia University

Conducted literature search and identified appropriate indicators to use for assessing the nutritional status of school-age children in New York State. Designed instrument for data collection; collected nutritional data from selected school sites, and analyzed data using SPSS software.


Laboratory Assistant, Medical Science Institute, Beverly Hills

Tested for the presence of syphilis, mononucleosis, rheumatoid arthritis, C-reactive protein, beta-hemolytic streptococcus, and anti-nucleotide antibody. Operated the Coulter S-Plus, the Coulter Jr., and the Coulter STKR to determine blood counts. Supervised weekend blood testing operations.


Intern, World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland

Collected and managed nutrition and disease data from countries throughout the world using Data Base 111+; determined global prevalences of under- and over-nutrition using various cut-off points and analyzed data to determine the correlation between nutritional status and diarrheal disease.

Ministry of Health and University of Ghana Medical School

Determined the prevalence of malnutrition in the villages of the Suhum region of West Africa for UNICEF’s Weaning Food Production Project by taking anthropometric measurements and observing clinical signs of malnutrition; collected diet histories of children with marasmus and kwashiorkor. Educated and advised mothers about their children’s nutritional status in primary health care and malnutrition clinics. Also surveyed village sanitation with health inspector; identified hazards for employees in factories, and developed strategies to minimize hazards with factory owners.

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