Power and Telecom Corporate Executive, Engineering and Operations Expert Consultant Resume
Resume of PUW, P.E, C.S. Consultant

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This expert attended The Citadel and received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Power and Telecom Corporate Executive, Engineering and Operations Expert Consultant Resume

This expert is experienced in power and telecom consulting businesses, corrosion control engineering and telecommunications utilities.

This expert has extensive executive experience in cost controls, project management, business plan development & analysis and cost benefit analysis. In addition, this expert has expertise in accounting practices, corporate tax considerations, raising corporate capital, and public service and utility commissions. This Kevin Kennedy associate has expertise in local government franchises-approvals, sales, marketing, and advertising. Additional expertise includes patents, product design/manufacturing, and personnel management.

This expert has technical experience in telecom, VoIP, internet, and Ethernet. Other areas of expertise include private networks, copper wire, DSL, and fiber optics. Additionally this expert has experience in wireless, Wi-Fi, wi-max, and CATV. This expert is fluent in cellular, control rooms, switch rooms, and utility engineering practices. Previous job experience includes general inside or outside plant design and install procedures, power engineering, and transmission. This expert also worked with overhead, underground and substation design from 46 kV through 500 kV. Distribution expertise includes overhead, underground and substation design from 5 volts through 34.5 kV. This experts power plant expertise includes nuclear, fossil fuel, and hydro. Other areas of expertise include grounding, cable and wiring facilities, plant and boiling water corrosion, and material selection. This expert's additional areas of expertise include pollution control, system control cabling, substation design and yard layout. This experts complimentary expertise includes grounding, transformer and switch selection, bus bar design, and cabling. This expert has additional skills in SCADA remote monitoring, testing, relaying, and metering. This associate also has expertise in natural gas and oil pipeline engineering, transmission pipeline design, layout, and cathodic protection. This expert has experience in pipe coatings, welding procedures, and corrosion engineering. Additional expertise includes cathodic protection materials, coating selections and applications for iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. This expertise includes testing and performance requirements of the coatings.

This expert consultant has served as an expert witness on many legal lawsuits pertaining to manufacturers, telecom and power utilities, and contractor practices. Other cases this expert assisted on include rights-of-way issues, technology disputes, and material failures.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in power and telecom consulting businesses, corrosion control engineering, telecommunications utilities, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Founder, President, Holding Company for Power & Telecom Consulting businesses, a Corrosion Control Engineering Co. and several Telecommunications Utilities

Created numerous telecom companies. The company also provided free engineering & consulting services to the US Dept. of Defense, State of South Carolina, Lexington County South Carolina, City of Charlotte North Carolina, and many other Federal, State, and Local governmental agencies. Has provided Engineering support for T&D Projects in the United States and many foreign countries. Also owns fully licensed and certified corrosion-engineering company in North & South Carolina. Clients for both companies have included Pirelli/Prysmian Cable Co., BMW, Allied Signal, Clariant Chemical Co., the US Marine Corp, Coast Guard, Corp of Engineers, FORTIS International Power Utilities, Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), Magic Valley Power Cooperative, and many others.


Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, PV TEL, LLC.

Obtained operational carrier licenses and appeared before Public Utility & Service Commissions in nearly all Southern States along with Ohio and Illinois.


Corporate Consultant, PrivaCom Ventures, Inc.

Start-up Project Manager for the longest fiber optic cable project in the United States (1,600+ miles Dallas to LA). Also, retained as R/W acquisition agent gaining fiber optic cable access to 2000 miles of Power Utility Transmission Rights-Of-Way. After PrivaCom, Inc. merger with Intelcom of Canada, was under contract to Intelcom Inc. as Vice President of Engineering and Market Development Southeast United States for ICG Access Services Subsidiary. ICG became the main backbone carrier for MCI's UUNET, the Internet's major network infrastructure. In charge of all engineering and construction in the Southeastern United States; new city development including all start-up requirements, acquisition due diligence, franchises, pole attachment agreements, city business plans, fiber optic cable route selections, construction schedules, and cost analysis. Primary cities worked in were Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Raleigh, N.C.; Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Spartanburg and Rockhill, S.C.; Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, TN, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile, AL, Louisville, KY, and Melbourne, FL. Additional responsibilities included site selection for all City electronic points-of-presence and installation of six ATT/Lucent class 5ESS Switches, all DAC's, OC-48 connections, and power requirements.


Co-Founder and President, PrivaCom, Inc. a Competitive Access Carrier (CAP), Charlotte, NC with franchises in Birmingham, AL, Columbia & Charleston, SC

Merged Company with Intelcom, Inc. (later, ICG Access Services) for a significant profit to all partners. A complete start-up company during which: secured all financing through a joint partnership with a CATV company; developed all engineering standards to ATT and Bell acceptance levels; developed in-house utility accepted accounting standards; secured State Public Utility Commission approvals, obtained multiple City Franchises, secured Bell South's first ever competitive carrier joint Pole attachment and Conduit sharing agreements; obtained pole attachment agreements from all necessary Power Companies and CATV companies. Negotiated fiber swaps and fiber sharing deals with Duke Power and Time Warner CATV; obtained ATT AAV & Shared CPA status, obtained access arrangements with MCI, Sprint, ITT, LDDS, Wiltel, BTI, and many other L.D. carriers & resellers. Obtained major customer accounts such as: First Union Bank, Nations Bank (now Bank of America), First Citizens Bank, Wachovia Bank, Barclay's Bank, Interstate Johnson and Lane, IBM, EDS, First Data, Duke Power and many others. Directed outside plant and inside plant designs and construction. This included all phases of underground, overhead, building, and office park installations. Inside plant work included SCADA supervisory system installation and monitoring, customer wiring, custom network installations for VPN customer systems, T-1's to 0C-48 installations. All documentation was completely computerized by internally developed programming including all OSP and inside drawings, purchasing, accounting, billing, outage reports, Long Distance customer reports, long & short range project planning even expense reporting. Comptel (Competitive Telephone Assoc.), listed PrivaCom, Inc. one of the best-managed and operated competitive Carriers in the United States at time of merger it was profitable. Assumed management of engineering and marketing for new fiber optic based telecommunications subsidiary of SCANA Corporation (South Carolina Electric & Gas Holding Company), MPX Systems, Inc., the largest power utility fiber optic network in America, including significant ownership of Southern Net (Telecom USA). In 1990, MPX sold Telecom USA (at time of sale the fourth largest long distance carrier in America) to MCI for approximately $240+ million dollar profit over total $50 million-dollar investment. Since leaving MPX Systems, it has become SCANA Communications a major owner of several telecommunications carriers including Powertel and DeltaCom. Conceived idea for and founded the telecommunications subsidiary, MPX Systems, for South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCANA Corp.) Executive Management. This led to the creation of SCANA Corp. one of the first Power Utility Holding Companies for Competitive nonpower businesses in America. Obtained AT&T's first order for services that was not carried on their networks in the US. Assumed responsibility for all acquisition and standards of wire and cable purchased by South Carolina Electric and Gas Company. This included writing standards, installation procedures, and purchasing requirements for all wire and cable used at SCE&G companies. Visited every supplier & perspective supplier's factories before approval. This included most cable and power equipment manufacturing facilities in America and several in Europe. Assumed responsibility for all Transmission and Distribution Corrosion Engineering in addition to existing line design assignments at South Carolina Electric and Gas Company.


Principle Underground Transmission Design Engineer, South Carolina Electric and Gas Company

Responsibilities included overhead and underground transmission projects from 34.5 kV thru 230 kV.


Transmission Overhead & Underground Engineer, Florida Power and Light Company

Responsible for special projects 69 kV thru 500 kV, including work at President Nixon's Key Biscayne Compound and at Cape Kennedy for NASA.


Draftsman and Assistant Engineer, McMillan Engineering Company

Worked during college for a Civil Engineering firm specializing in Housing Subdivision development, Water and Sewer designs.

Guest Lecturer School of Engineering, Arizona State University

Past Advisor to The School of Electrical Engineering, University of Miami, FL

Certified Lineman and Cable Splicer, Overhead Lineman & Underground Cable Schools, Florida Power & Light Company

Certified by National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (allows Engineering registration Nationwide)

Chairman of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fiber Optic Standards Working Group. In charge of Developing International Standards for OPGW (optical ground wire) and ADSS all dielectric self-supporting fiber optic cable: and all primary fiber optic cable systems used by the electric utility industry.

Former Senior Member of United States Technical Advisory Group to the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC / CCITT : Representing the United States Power Utility Industry (Edison Electric Institute) Committees TC - 86, Fiber Optics & TC-83, Advanced Systems Technologies.

Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the Power Engineering Society, and the Fiber Optics Group.

Former United States Utility Representative to Electronic Industries Association (EIA), for the CeBus or Smart Home Standards, Broadband to the Home and Power Utility Broadband services.

Former Member UTC, Utility Telecommunications Council, the technical users group for most Telecom, REA, CO-OP, and Power Utility Telecommunications Departments.

Liaison member of IEEE Standards Committee Working Group P1675 for BPL : Broadband telecommunications over Power Lines.

2008 IEEE International Standards Approval Voting Pool Member for the following Standards Groups:

Local and Metropolitan Area Networks

C / 802.3 802.3 Ethernet Working Group

C / 802.11 802.11 Wireless LAN Wi-Fi

C / 802.15 802.15 Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN)

C / 802.16 802.16 Broadband Wireless Access WiMax

C / 802.18 802.18 Radio Regulatory

C / 802.19 802.19 Coexistence

C / 802.20 802.20 Mobile Broadband Wireless Access

C / 802.22 802.22 Wireless Regional Area Networks


COM Communications

COM / SC Standards Committee

COM / TAOS Transmission Access and Optical Systems

Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation

DEI Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation

Industry Applications

IA / C&S Codes & Standards

IA / CI Cement Industry

IA / ES Energy Systems

IA / I & CPS Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

IA / PCI Petroleum and Chemical Industry

IA / PSE Power Systems Engineering

IA / PSP Power Systems Protection

IA / REP Rural Electric Power

Lasers and Electro-Optics

LEO Lasers and Electro-Optics

Power Engineering

PE / IC Insulated Conductors

PE / PSC Power System Communications

PE / PSO Power System Operations

PE / T&D Transmission and Distribution

Standards Coordination

SCC04 Electric Insulation

SCC36 Utility Communications


Award winning, Government Special Resolution Citation, for one of the first in the world complete conversions of a major Government (Lexington County, South Carolina) to a total VoIP telecommunications network.

Start-up Manager (under contract) for the longest fiber optic cable project in the United States.

Pioneered installation methods, equipment and applications for overhead single mode fiber optic cable. These projects included world's longest continuous overhead fiber optic projects.

World's first commercial application of distributed feedback 1550 nanometer lasers resulting in the world's longest (at that time) commercial unrepeated links; NEC manufacturer.

First extensive application of fiber optic cable in a major central city commercial area (Charlotte, N.C.) using Directional Boring installation techniques.

First commercial US application of fiber optics to carry CATV (Time Warner) directly to customer premise. It used special YAG Lasers designed in Israel.

World's longest direct point-to-point fiber optic videoconference application (at that time) 140 miles. Including, complete ground-up videoconference room designs. A fiber optic direct link to a Nuclear Power Plant for emergency use, disaster reporting, & training.

Special expert hired to solve & resolve fiber optic cable failures on Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) 400 kV towers located in Lake Maracaibo at the Sea entrance, Venezuela, South America. Tower lines are some of the tallest in the world; multiple towers over 500 feet.

Installation of the first OPGW fiber optic facility by Fortis Corporation's Belize Electric in Central America including: design, training, acquiring all materials, importing special installation equipment, and field support to successful completion. Project competed while under direct danger of attack from enemy rebel groups operating nearby, and in some of the most dangerous jungles in the world.

Fiber Optic Expert for firing control systems Aegis Ships for Dept. of Defense, NAVSEA.

Special Materials Expert Engineer for U.S. Marine Corp., Coast Guard and Homeland Security.

World's first application of weathering Corten Steel for Monotube 500 kV towers.

First internal underground transmission monotube transmission tower termination structure, 138 kV & all stainless steel.

Project Engineer & Cable Designer on Installation of the World's Largest (at that time) solid core paper & lead submarine cable.

Speaker and Panelist for many Utility, Engineering and National Defense technical conventions.

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