Information Security, Internet Security, Expert Consultant Resume
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This associate has a B.S. in Computer Science & Mathematics from Ball State University.

Information Security, Internet Security, Expert Consultant Resume

This associate is an expert in information security for businesses of all types and sizes, assessments of intellectual property, technology infringement, and prevention of e-discovery theft. Related specializations include defining and tracking of security metrics and defining and driving information security diligence.

This associate's experience and capabilities include technological due diligence for strategic acquisitions, internal security audits, managing enterprise-wide logical access rights and privileges, and construction of national-scale managed firewalls Further experience includes security for internet commerce, brick-and-mortar retail, technology, and insurance and health care. Further security experience includes manufacturing, municipalities, and higher education, professional sports.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing information security expertise, information security architecture, internet security, forensic investigation and analysis, patent infringement expert witness testimony, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Founder, information security consulting firm

Provided information security for businesses of all types and sizes. Assessed fund-worthiness of tech startups via staff interviews, assessments of blueprints and intellectual property, surveys of competitive landscapes. Recommended changes to strategy and roadmaps. Identified untapped markets. Served as expert witness. Assessed technology infringement claims. Prevented unwarranted theft of e-discovery materials. Improved the overall security posture. Produced business-compatible and -palatable security requirements. Defined and tracked security metrics. Met and exceeded best practices. Architected applications and infrastructure for long-haul stability, scalability and security. Published and enforced security policies. Achieved regulatory and industry compliance. Minimized outsourcing risks. Assessed technology risks associated with acquisitions and spinoffs. Reconciled rapid growth and security. Planned for regulatory and industry compliance. Positioned to attract world-class customers. Anticipated and understood customers' compliance and other security requirements. Architected for long-haul stability, scalability and security. Identified untapped market niches. Built effective roadmaps.


Senior Manager, Information Security,

Led team charged with responsibility for defining and driving information security diligence throughout the company. Responsibility encompassed customer data including that subject to compliance standards and international privacy laws; business data; financial data; merchant partner data including AOL, Target, Toys-R-Us; HP data including that subject to HIPM. Presented periodic security briefings to executive audit committee, to the primary risk insurers, and to other external entities as required. Defined security requirements for all human and machine touch points pertaining to highly sensitive customer information such as payment instruments, bank account numbers, taxpayer ids, credit scores. Defined and enforced all enterprise security policies. Initiated a top-to-bottom policy overhaul, resulting in a comprehensive framework tuned to exemplary standards. Weighed and ruled on all requests for policy exemption. Managed response efforts for high-severity security incidents. Initiated creation of Security Incident Response Plan. Drove continual and systematic improvements in system, network and application security. Identified and initiated operational improvements which simultaneously improved security. Performed technological due diligence for strategic acquisitions (including Alexa Internet, BookSurge, CustomFlix, and Mobipocket) and spinoffs (A9 and at least a dozen others, not all publicized). Instituted policies and means to constrain the duties and visibility horizon of more than a thousand overseas contractors. Facilitated internal security audits and managed engagements with independent world-class auditors and penetration testers. Assigned and tracked action items for each finding. Performed business-owner diligence. Instituted compulsory requirements for managing enterprise-wide logical access rights and privileges. Expended notable team resources to develop facilitative tools for managing the massive cartesian product of servers, server classes, people, roles and rights. Participated on the core defense team for six highly publicized lawsuits alleging patent infringement. Represented the company at meetings of the Pacific Northwest CISO Forum (PACCISO). Other companies represented included Microsoft, Nike, Washington Mutual, Starbucks, Nordstroms, Port of Seattle, Expedia, Alaska Airimes. Co-authored the company's open source software policies. Lobbied senior executives to liberalize portions of the policy that had previously precluded staff from publicly participating in open source projects.


Senior Manager, Associates Program,

Managed the technology team that powers Associates. Drove significant operational improvements surrounding a proprietary platform that renders billions of dynamic ad impressions annually. Instituted painstaking performance monitoring against internal SLAS. Managed the implementation and deployment of numerous revenue-generating features including Remote Buy Box, Quick Click BuyingTM, and Tiered Compensation. Drove wholesale redesign of the Associates Central extranet used by associates. This effort reduced six distinct extranets -- each with dedicated hardware, software, content, and configuration -- down to a single multi-lingual extranet now used by associates in all geographies. Stabilized the production launch of Web Services Version 1.0 by writing its operations and scaling plans. Architected the throttling mechanism which defends the service against abusers.


Senior Manager, Information Technology,

Was responsible at peak for an umbrella organization of fifty engineers on five teams. Hallmark accomplishments included construction of the automation framework which came to enable years of massive (nearly SOX) infrastructure scaling, and enabled wholesale migration from vendor UNIX to Unux. The migration yielded a first-year savings of 25% of technology expense.


Director, Security Engineering, Verlo Inc.

Wrote the business plan, architected and began construction of a national-scale managed firewall service based upon technology developed at NorthWestNet.


Manager, Security Engineering, NorthWestNet

Was responsible for inception of a suite of security service offerings with objectives to serve as a differentiator for bandwidth customers, to establish new revenue streams, and to boost the company's value for acquisition. Objectives were achieved by designing service offerings, hiring a team, establishing reseller agreements, forging alliances with key partners, including with Carnegie Mellon University CERT/CO; developing contractual agreements, writing software, producing market colateral, deploying infrastructure, facilitating the sales process in every way imaginable, and ultimately provisioning and serving customers. Customers spanned the gamut of industries: Internet commerce, brick-and-mortar retail, technology, insurance, health care, manufacturing, municipalities, higher education, professional sports. The managed firewall service predated and outclassed that of many competitors. Furthermore, it inspired a new product line for a publicly-traded firewall company.


Principal Software Engineer, Indiana University

Progressed from entry-level programmer to principal software engineer. Became the first staff member in university history, including the then-30-year old department of academic computing, to attain software engineer status. Authored hundreds of applications totaling more than a half million lines of code, some used by virtually all constituents. Acquired and applied advanced expertise in operating systems VAX/VMS, SunOS, Solaris, Ultrix, 0SF/i, IRIX, HPUX); TCP/IP networking; client/server paradigms; presentation layer protocols. Co-wrote popular open-source software for VMS, some later dual-licensed to DEC and several lSVs. Materialized an immediate $750,000 savings with one solo project lasting four weeks. By co-authoring the first usable POP3 email server for VMS, launched an historic shift at the university from centralized to distributed computing. Became de facto expert for black hat intrusions, inspiring a popular book on Internet Security. Trained at MIT for a successful large-scale deployment of Kerberos. These and other accomplishments lent steady public esteem to the university's technical prowess. That later influenced the university's election to host the lnternet2 NOC, a.k.a. Abilene.


Principal, Software firm

Managed consulting practice of technology experts serving Fortune 500 companies, public anc private universities, and research labs.


Software Engineer, Nuclear Measurements Corporation

Designed and developed critical software components of radiation monitoring systems. The company's customers included nuclear power plants, radioactive waste storage facilities, and defense-funded laboratories.

Systems Analyst, Eli Lilly & company

Mainframe programmer for an application suite serving an international team of product flow analysts. Maintained a quarter of a million lines of COBOL and JOL.

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