Software, Network Analysis Expert, Performance Optimization Consultant Resume
Resume of WCZ, Ph.D. Consultant

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This expert attended the Institute of Telecommunications, Technical University of Gdansk and holds a Ph.D. from that university.

This expert holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, also earned from the Technical University of Gdansk.

Software, Network Analysis Expert, Performance Optimization Consultant Resume

This expert's work experience includes optical networks, routing algorithms, communication network design, and analysis and design of algorithms. Other areas of this consultant's expertise include optimization techniques, performance evaluation, traffic engineering, and emerging technologies.

This expert is experienced in areas including embedded software for laser medical devices, design and analysis of optical networks, and development and testing of diagnostic software. This expert has an extensive background in PNNI related work.

Technical skills of this expert include specialization in computer languages C, Java; operating Systems including UNIX, Solaris, Cygwin, Windows; routing protocols including PNNI, OSPF, BGP; protocols and architectures including IP, GMPLS, MPLS, ASON, LMP; and technologies including Routing, Ethernet, SONET / SDH, DWDM.

Consultant, Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc.

Providing expertise in optical networks, routing algorithms, communication network design, analysis and design of algorithms, optimization techniques, performance evaluation, traffic engineering, and related expertise to a wide variety of clients.


Medical Device Software Consultant

Developed embedded software for laser medical devices.


Technical Leader, Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA

Developed multiple releases of MetroPlanner 2.x.x, an application that allowed the design of DWDM metropolitan optical networks with the ONS15530, ONS15540 switches. Responsibilities included the development of heuristic algorithms for the allocation of equipment, optimal wavelength routing, allocation of optical amplifiers, implementation of optical rule modifications as the products evolved, GUI modifications and additions, pricing database and more. Development was done in Java. Supported MP 2.x.x. users with urgent problems and implemented requested tool enhancements. MPNG (MetroPlanner Next Generation) related work. This work was related to a SONET/SDH network design tool: MetroPlanner 3.x, that was developed by VPI (Virtual Photonics Incorporated) with the inclusion of specific Cisco requirements. Development included extensions to allow MetroPlanner 3.x to inter-work with another application MetroPlanner 7.0. Conformance testing. Developed and tested Diagnostics Software for the PRP3 routing processor card. Tasks. Developed and unit tested PCIe diagnostics software. Developed diagnostic software for a number of packet tests. These tests verified the transmission of data packet between the CPU and selected blocks on the PRP3 card. Developed software for diagnostic tests to verify the Hummer fpga functionality like interrupts, MSI interrupts and other important features needed to be tested before the IOX software was ready. Developed diagnostic software and utilities to test the PRP3 Hard drive. Worked on the configuration of the DDR2 controllers on the PRP3 board. Diagnostic code bug fixes in the following areas: MBUS, backplane NVRAM, environmental control, compact flash, Quack interface. Was also responsible for hard drive tests, hard drive utility, BITS tests, preparation of Diags for EDVT testing, and regressing Diags software. Designed and implemented the Optical Supervisory Channel Protocol for the ONS15530/ONS15540 metropolitan optical switch. The OSCP protocol was initially designed for Bidirectional Line Switching Rings. This protocol required 3 hello state machines per link. The complication resulted from the way the mux-demux cards were wired in the switch. A DCC routing layer was introduced to support the requirements of the OSC channel. When designing the OSCP protocol, various features of the LMP protocol were taken into consideration. Also a model of how interfaces made of wavelength bundles could be used by MPLS in the future has been addressed. Ported AppleTalk onto the 8510csr and 8540csr platforms. Responsibilities included porting AppleTalk code and writing csr specific AppleTalk support code. Code testing: this included besides unit testing, taking on a substantial amount of the test work due to the lack of testing resources for AppleTalk. Organized and drove the 8510csr and 8540csr AppleTalk performance testing this input was needed by marketing to close on certain deals, and completed bug fixes. SSCOP software porting PNNI related work Implemented the complex Node representation in PNNI Implemented the PNNI hello protocol Implemented the scope feature in PNNI. This feature allows the control of advertisement of ATM addresses by the PNNI protocol. Implemented the PNNI interface insignificant change control feature Implemented ILMI and Interface manager interfaces Misc Command Line Interface commands implementation Worked on the Design of PNNI architecture Invented a number of novel PNNI features that resulted in three patents Interacted with Cisco patent lawyers to provide expertise related to similar patents in the networking area Made presentations at Cisco's Networkers Conferences in the area of PNNI Helped Cisco customers with PNNI routing and protocol questions and issues in the early phases of PNNI protocol deployment Contributed to the PNNI Specification while attending the ATM Forum


Principal Engineer, Network Equipment Technologies, Redwood City, CA

Contributed to the development of the PNNI routing algorithm at the ATM Forum and driving of the standard to allow future value added extensions. Was responsible for routing and bandwidth management applications in NETs ATM product line. Designed a protocol for Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in the IDNX network. Performed analysis of the IDNX routing algorithm and proposals for its improvements to provide better service for the Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation protocol. Wrote programs to simulate and verify improvements proposed in the IDNX routing algorithm. Ported and debugged Cisco code to the LWX (Lan Wan Xchange) rel. 1.02, 2.01 and 2.02. The LWX was a Line Card running the Cisco Operating System on the NET IDNX platform. Responsible for porting, bug fixing, and testing of X.25, CLNS, SMDS, and routing protocols. Proposed X.25 solutions using the LWX for key accounts.


Software Engineer, Peer Networks, Inc., Santa Clara, CA

Responsibilities included firmware development for the PEER 2000 Network Computer. The PEER 2000 was a programmable network switch supporting multiple physical interfaces, multiprotocol stacks (TCP/IP, X.25, SNA), and CMIP network management. Projects included: Designed, implemented and tested a link state advertisement adaptive routing proprietary protocol with internetworking capabilities. Designed and implemented an Agent for object management using CMIP. Implemented X.121 Directory Services. Designed and implemented software that allowed the configuration of object attributes in a packet switch. Implemented and designed a throughput testing program. Designed and partially implemented a multilink HDLC-like link protocol for intercard communication in a packet switching node. Implemented a packet switch Performance Analyzer. Other work included implementing parsers for an enhanced connect protocol data unit, an interactive tool for Nvram modification, CMIP library maintenance, preparing networks for demonstrations, integrating and testing software components including X.25, TCP/IP, router, CMIP Agent and TFTP.


Lecturer, San Francisco State University

Taught Data Communications and Networking classes. Consulted in Network Design Tools


Lecturer, Diablo Valley College

Taught Data Communication classes.


Assistant Professor, Institute of Telecommunications at the Technical University of Gdansk

Responsibilities included teaching graduates and undergraduates courses in Networking and Electrical Engineering, research in the area of computer and communication networks. Also worked on a contract basis on a number of projects for the National Institute of Telecommunications. Specific projects included: Simulation Models of Computer Communication Networks Implementation of Telex interfaces Development of software for a PDP-11 based switching exchange for a telegram network Modeling and development of algorithms for the transmission of telegrams in telegram network according to CCITT recommendations Cost-Performance evaluation of the packet switching concept in the National Telegram Network

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