Achievements and Results

  • Extensive plant assessment of existing programs and management completed
  • Exhaustive list of recommended programs developed, presented, and implemented
  • Company passed audit and gained their new customer


The Problem

A food processor specializing in pickles and peppers was seeking to supply a major restaurant chain with its products. The chain had strict requirements and would not award a contract to a supplier who did not have formal quality assurance programs in place; they required their supplier to be audited by a leading food safety auditing company of the buyer's choosing. The client knew they could not pass such an audit, and they also knew they could not develop and write the needed programs in-house; in other words, they needed outside help to bring their company into line.


The Solution

First, the consultant obtained an audit report by the restaurant chain's auditing company to determine exactly what its requirements were. 

The consultant then spent two days at the client’s plant assessing existing programs. Importantly, he also assessed the ability of the local management and supervisors to carry out such programs. In most cases, the consultant had prior experience managing programs like these. In a few cases, the consultant obtained and studied literature on the subject in order to develop a program customized for the client company.

Some of the topics included:

  • Pest Control
  • Allergen Control
  • Change Management
  • Document Control
  • GMP's and Control of Glass
  • Inspection of Incoming and Outgoing Carriers
  • Raw Material Control
  • Recall Procedure
  • HACCP (A food safety system based on Hazard Analysis and preventive controls)

In general, this consultant observed that the client had competent management and supervision, but a very lean staff with insufficient time and little expertise to develop and write the needed programs


Benefits Realized

In one week, the consultant wrote and presented the programs which would be needed to meet the customer's requirements. 

On the client’s recommendation, the new programs were implemented successfully. The client passed the outside audit, and as such, they were approved by their new customer. 

The consultant organized the new programs into a cohesive system that the client was able to continue updating to meet future needs.


To see the resume of the expert associated with this case study, see the link below.

Resume of HMJ Food Safety Expert Consultant, HACCP Specialist Resume


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