Indianapolis (November 2007) - Dr. Kevin F. Kennedy, founder of Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc., received the coveted annual Blue Chip Business Award. The Blue Chip program, an Indiana statewide competition, publicly recognizes the strength and dedication of business owners who have overcome challenges, seized opportunities, and achieved triumphs. An independent panel of business leaders and past winners select each year's recipients.

Since the Blue Chip's inception in 1990, companies in industries from construction to manufacturing, transportation to commercial trade and others have been recognized. Past winners include leaders in the automotive, electronics, and computer technology, medical devices and life sciences, and telecommunications industries.

When Dr. Kevin F. Kennedy established Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc. in 1992, his original mission was - and still is - to build an engineering and scientific consulting organization that provides teams of world-class consultants, engineers, and experts on issues of products liability, patent infringement, forensic engineering, failure analysis, and other related fields on a rapid-response basis.

However, such a lofty mission creates a significant ongoing logistical challenge. First, how does one attract world-class experts? In order to provide "world-class" expertise, Kevin Kennedy Associates has to identify and recruit such people from around the globe.

Kevin Kennedy Associates second recurring challenge is to efficiently deliver its services and effectively manage teams remotely. Though multinational corporations such as pharmaceutical manufacturers or automotive parts suppliers have facilities all over the world, they also have local management and control in the areas where those facilities are located.

Kevin Kennedy Associates does not.

The firm must be able to deliver its engineering and scientific consulting services quickly and effectively because clients are dealing with urgent matters. Whether delivering an expert report during litigation, a rebuttal report to an opposing side's expert report, or addressing a fire, explosion or production line shutdown at a manufacturing facility, Kevin Kennedy Associates must always be able to put together a team, deliver that team's services as rapidly as possible, keep team members dedicated to the task and make sure every person involved - regardless of where on Earth they are located - contributes to the project until the crisis has been resolved.

To address and overcome these significant business challenges, Kennedy took inspiration from his experience working with some of the nation's foremost technology leaders to formulate his concept for Kevin Kennedy Associates' business model. "I thought about how to gather experts and quickly activate their expertise," he said. "It all started with one phone and a stack of stationery."

Today, the firm has grown to 600-plus experts who operate under Kevin Kennedy Associates' proprietary, innovative, and patent-pending PrimeTrack® project-management system: an electronic, global resource for engineering, scientific consulting, and litigation support services.

Kevin Kennedy Associates' telecommunications server can page one person or hundreds of people any time, simultaneously. The system sends a message to the work and mobile phone numbers of relevant experts. Included with the message is a description of the client's need. Available experts then simply press a key to join the conference call. "It's like a page one might hear in a building," Kennedy explained. "Except in our case, the building is the globe."

Kevin Kennedy Associates' PrimeTrack® Project Management system allows the firm to closely oversee project-related communication and to ensure progress is being made. The PrimeTrack® system :

  • Eliminates confusion
  • Enables Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc. to pinpoint the activity and accountability of project experts
  • Provides a method for monitoring client communications and determining a project's status and details
  • Ensures the highest project supervision, customer service and rapid response levels

"In the Internet age, if you're not communicating with the client or team by phone, e-mail or fax, you're not working on the project," Kennedy said. "It's that simple."

All e-mail, phone, and fax communications to and from Kevin Kennedy Associates are routed through the company's Indianapolis servers. By integrating these logs, project managers can detect activity or inactivity during a specified period. The PrimeTrack® system will then automatically send out warning messages to team members if inactivity or non-responsiveness is detected. Kevin Kennedy Associates can manage and control resources from anywhere in the world as though they were working under one roof.

"No other company on the planet can do what we do better than we can," Kennedy said. "That's no exaggeration."

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Peter Habicht, Lead Consultant
Peter specializes in welding and metallurgical engineer with 40 years industry experience in commercial nuclear power plant construction.


  • Poly(methylmethacrylate) Manufacturing Operations / Processes Consultants
  • Cell Phone Technologies Expert


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